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(80) Grigia

The left reliably dislikes biology: this is primarily because biological differences are innate and contribute to hierarchies, inequality stems from unchangeable differences in biology (intelligence, height, beauty); secondarily, biology is analogous to the divine order—immutable and holistic. However, for some time I have been troubled by the fact that JBS Haldane, among the most notable geneticists ever, was a central member of the Communist Party of Great Britain. This suggest that, in fact, contrary to men like Edward Dutton and EOW Kirkegaard, biology is not fundamentally opposed to the left—IQ tests, genetics, and modern eugenics are unpopular with the left, especially now, yet these are not intrinsically anti-leftist.

One option for Haldane’s adherence to Soviet Communism—even when Lysenko, a man who disdained all Haldane’s biological ideas, was celebrated—is that humans are contradictory; perhaps Haldane just compartmentalised his genetic research and his Communism—many people do the same today with progressivism. Humans are not consistent—hypocrisy is among our favourite vices. However, the inconsistency is so stark it is more likely that biological science does not contradict left-wing ideas at core.

The differences in races determined by genetics—intelligence, personality—do not, for example, really contradict the left. Science is a value-free enterprise—we cannot draw morals from these facts; once we do, we are no longer scientific—we have to assert as self-sufficient values that hierarchy, racial differentiation, and order are moral goods. Science can never tell us that; in fact, though some rightists disguise their inegalitarian views as “objective science” they are not scientific—they assert values. Science destroys values: biology says there is just the nihilistic rat fight for mates—and this is feminine, biology is lunar and materialist; it is the lower analogue to the divine, the matrix (mater, mother), that is perennial but not eternal; it is immutable but not immortal—the left eventually rejects science itself because once the scientific materialist worldview is generalised it eats even the minimum values it was founded upon.


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