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738 (movie)

Synchronicity: I happened to type “738” into YouTube. It brought up this clip from Licence to Kill (1989). In the film, as Bond enters the drug lord’s den, the TV plays an advertisement for an esoteric book The Secrets of Cone Power Revealed by Joe Butcher (see below).

As Bond passes the iguana, the diamonds on its collar sparkle—this is a reference to the diamond sutra of enlightenment.

When Bond sits down he’s told that he’s a “well-travelled man”, like myself, and he says he “helps people with problems”, as do I—except not so much as a “problem solver” but more as a “problem eliminator” (just like me). And, just like me, he’s “temporarily unemployed” (well, that’s the cover story, anyway). That’s what we’re like—us people with a licence to kill.

So it comes together—“the cone of enlightenment”, “the cone of power revealed”; it’s odd too that Butcher asks us to enjoy our “beer and popcorn”—certainly not usual cinema fare. In the film, Butcher just runs a cover for a drug smuggling operation—yet, apparently, he still “turns a tidy profit” from his mystical meditation retreat; and, when he is defeated and his cash snatched from him, he still uses his catchphrase “bless your heart” in a completely joyful way (which is also synchronistic given this website’s “heart” content).

The implication is that “the cone of power” is not really a cover operation—and this clip has to do with the level of enlightenment I’ve reached.


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