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738 (Leo)

Updated: Aug 26, 2023


So you like to do everyone’s horoscope, but what about your horoscope? I’m a Leo—the Leo is basically generous, warm-hearted, outspoken, honest, intuitive, broad-minded, loves to do things in a “big way”, and can’t be bothered with the details. Leos tend to be dramatic and self-assured—and they also love pleasure, although when a Leo appears to be lazing he might just be gathering his energy to pounce (or digesting a large meal). Leo is associated with the heart in physiology, with which I have particular symbolic relationship.

The sign has an intellectual inclination that looks for the broad pattern—and, in fact, my employers have criticised my lack of attention to detail in the past (although I can, for example, come up with the broad idea for a project that gets millions of pounds in funding). The primitive urge for a Leo is power—the shadow side to the Leo is to be too overbearing, pompous, sensual, snobbish, self-appraising (literally doing that now), and patronising.

In chart specific terms, I have the ruler of the Ascendant (Saturn) in Scorpio—these people act in seclusion and in accord with their creative abilities. They have the ability to reveal the unknown and they have a penetrating but bitter sense of criticism (as my investigations into the occult reveal, this is so with me—and I can be critical in a harsh and bitter way).

With Jupiter in the 12th House, I receive benefits from invisible sources—I’m someone who prefers to work alone, to be independent and in the background to events. These people are willing to help others without expecting a reward, but the rewards come anyway because Jupiter in the 12th provides invisible protection. This is exaggerated with Leo, because Leo likes to be the centre of attention but likes to achieve it through being magnanimous and generous; so they can be quite self-sacrificing.

I also have the ruler of the Ascendant as Saturn; overall, it means I reject any kind of control—people with this positioning love solitude and hate crowds (as I certainly do). The overall desire is to stand out and isolate yourself from others (which I do).

However, people with this position tend to act slowly and with caution—they might want to be independent but they don’t rush into a stance. Their actions tend to become valued over time—their main feature is endurance. So it will take a long time for me to be valued.


With the ruler of the Ascendant (Saturn) in the 9th House I have an interest in ethics, beliefs, and other countries (I often write about all these things). People like this have a predisposition for escapades and travelling—and it’s true, I do have escapades; so, for example, I once split up with someone and then charged off into the Middle East.

People with this position have a desire to bring things into accordance with the law and an association with the higher concepts of thought—and that accords with my perennial interest in politics and philosophy (I went to university to find out: 1. what is the right action?; 2. what is the meaning of life?).

This chimes with the fact I have the ruler of the 10th House (Pluto) in the 9th House—people with this alignment have an interest in philosophy and religion; they go on long journeys and meet foreign officials in connection with their work (I did both when I worked in academia and as a journalist).

In fact, “philosophy” appears nine times in my chart. I have Moon in Sagittarius—hence my greatest need is to always be searching for something. I only feel safe when I have a philosophy or a belief—but it has to be a voluntary position. Hence when I was a teenager I was a Marxist and when I couldn’t believe in that anymore I felt bereft—and hence now I search for the Grail.

This position also means I love dogs and have a generally optimistic view that life will get better even if things are not working out now. I have a gambler’s disposition and I like to take risks when I want achieve something—I tend to be open and spontaneous and that inspires others.

I also have Saturn in the 9th House—that suggests an interest in philosophy and a practical life philosophy (usually with traditional views on religion, education, and business). These people adhere to rules and laws and tend to be precise in their work—I’d say my work is precise in its thought but when it comes to details like missed words or typos I’m more fixed on the big picture; overall, it’s all true though.

With Uranus in Sagittarius, I’m someone who strives for spiritual progress and intellecutal growth. People like this often have revolutionary thoughts—they love flying and like the thought of space travel (both true, I do love aircraft and space). These people bring new directions to philosophy and often make unplanned journeys to other countries—just like I’m going to Athens soon, a trip that was not really planned, so much as commanded by the gods (another escapade).

With Neptune in Sagittarius, I’m someone who uses their creative abilities to serve ideals—these people tend to serve a faith or a religion. Their thoughts and opinions are influenced by philosophical insights and they are happy to develop a religious or philosophical ideal.

I also have Pluto in the 9th House—this is the house of higher thought, it suggests the need to understand natural forces and the nature of humanity. These people have well-developed mental abilities and an interest in the transformation or restoration of legal, moral, or philosophical institutions and systems. They have the ability to see the causes of the problems in the wider social system (doubly so with “big picture” Leo thinking), although these people, in another fault accentuated in a Leo, tend to impose their ideas on others. They have a strong sense of justice and hate hypocrisy.

Finally, my North Node (Mean) in Gemini shows the desire to express complex ideas in everyday language and to convey spiritual thought in a practical way—to show in a comprehensible form the clear connections between philosophical and noble knowledge and the values of everyday life (that pretty much sums up this website).


I have an esoteric inclination, per the chart. I have Lilith (Mean) in Pisces—these are people with a fascination for self-sacrifice and blending into others (which I do tend to do, I almost meld with people); people with this alignment are associated with prophetic vision or death. They feel connected to everything, even their deepest thoughts and the cosmic soul. These people are often prophets, midwives, or wise men (see the prophecies on this website and my identification with the Merlin archetype). They have a tendency to perceive life as suffering and can adhere to dubious mystical ways that they think can bring them mysterious abilities to cure people.

This chimes with my Ascendant (Saturn) in Scorpio—which gives me the ability to reveal the unknown. This means that I cannot be described as insignificant—even if I remain silent and distant people will think I’ve made some wise contribution. This position hides the instinct to kill and it can manifest in a ruthless and intriguing way—it’s connected to power, influence, sex, and death. Its authority comes from the depths—superficial motivations and civilisation have no chance against it. This power is not to be misused or only used for effect—it’s serious business. This position grants people occult talent, perseverance, and foresight—again, useful if you are to be a prophet.

Indeed, I have Mercury parallel to Pluto, which grants powerful, almost magical, speech…(and a desire not to leave anything unexplained).

However, it should be added that my interest in sex, power, and death can combine with Mars in Scorpio to bring about dubious results. Mars in Scorpio people are attracted to taboos; the occult, the hidden, the forbidden—and their fantasies often involve blowing taboos “to smithereens”.

They enjoy scenarios where “the other” is giving into them completely and will do absolutely anything for them. So the shadow side to my occult knowledge is that sometimes I like to shock people for the sake of shocking them—by, for example, writing an article called ‘Auschwitz was a holiday camp’ that only argues that in a metaphorical and not a literal sense, or by threatening to whip someone “like a nigger” in a sexual context.

Mars in Scorpio is also occultic, it means I can hide my power and show it to the world at the right moment—people with this position have a strong sense of survival and sexuality, they’re very aware of the connection between sex and death. It makes them attractive, but in a particular way—people either love them or hate them. They’re always noticed, even if they’re not trying to be noticed, and will attract great loyalty or great hostility with nothing in between.

This is how people generally experience me—it’s love or hate, nothing in between (which is good, because there are no lukewarm people—the type Dante disdained).

With Uranus in the 10th House, I have instability in my career and the way the public perceives my actions. I have an unusal approach to my career—and it’s because I must act absolutely alone. I tend to get new ideas suddenly and unexpectedly and then know immediately how to implement them. This is all true—my career has been very unstable and people often don’t understand my actions (inspiration suddenly strikes). This also explains why there’s a division over how people see me—love or hate.

However, it must be said that I have the Moon in the 11th House—so despite all that dominant energy I am willing to work in a modest way in a group to achieve a goal that can benefit all. These people have a wide circle of friends, particularly women, and know how to respond to the feelings of others; that is generally true of me, it’s that Lilith-like ability to meld into other people—however, I have been more insular than I usually am over recent years for esoteric reasons. People with this position often spread themselves too thin and risk shallowness—and certainly, on this website, I often cover too many topics to achieve sufficient depth (it’s in my stars, you know).


With Venus in Leo, I’m very romantic in nature and prefer to express myself with a poem, picture, or song than with acts—it’s true, I write poems and I select fine pictures. I have Venus trine Neptune, so I have intuition in relationships and a good sense for art—I use the transcendent, mysticism, and magic to arouse women with this aspect. I’m an enthusaistic lover who showers my beloved with affection but it is more like a script for a romance—people with this position feel entitled to have an affair when they want but will cause a scene if there’s a hint their partner is unfaithful.

I have an ambivalent relation to possessions, with Lilith (Mean) in the 2nd House—it means I tend to either be obsessed with or reject material goods; and that’s true, I often own very nice things and then feel I have to “purge” everything in an ascetic fit. With Ascendant Parallel to Jupiter, I risk obesity—and it’s true that I was very fat once.

In a parallel with my Moon in Sagittarius, I have to have a partner and don’t function without one—just as I need a belief, I need a partner.


So I’m a person who looks at the big picture in a broad-minded way, and the picture I’m looking at is philosophical and spiritual—I’m interested in what has gone wrong and how to fix it; and I want to convey these higher thoughts to everyone in a practical way. I’m after stable, just beliefs anchored in tradition—and I’ll pursue these goals in a highly individualistic way, quite cautiously (although I will have Leonine escapades when required). This knowledge will also come from the depths and will have an occultic aspect—it will be intuitive.

I have 10th House in Scorpio, so that means I’m determined to succeed—I have impressive and determined willpower, quite stunning. I have a particular strength for occupations that involve searching for information or researching information that will solve serious issues (again, everything I write here). I combine inventiveness, determination, and diligence.

With Mars in the 10th House, I have an interest in politics and the army (both of which I have). It’s not a participatory position—and regardless of the other parts of the horoscope it suggests leadership potential (which Leo does in general—and other parts do specifically mention). After all, when I had my picture taken at primary school I was told I looked like Winston Churchill—it was that Mars in the 10th House energy.

I’m not going to delve into the other aspects, but broadly I have managerial and leadership talent combined with a serious and responsible aspect that prevails over time and leavens its seriousness with deadpan humour that depends on timing—all typical Leo (with Capricorn Ascendant). However, due to my extreme independence and desire to avoid control I have to work absolutely alone—I do have a powerful influence on people, am loved and hated, but the influence is exerted from behind the scenes and at a slight remove. So I’m the distant hermetic head of a mystical order.


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