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(72) Marron

I observed that Liz Truss’s parents were, by her own description, “to the left of Labour”—i.e. small-“c” communists. Within weeks of her rise to power, Truss and her chancellor, Kwasi Kwarteng, sent the economy into crisis with an ill-judged mini-budget. This was deliberate. The real Conservatives were Johnson and company—they were dynamited by people loyal to what is the *real* ruling force in the West, a parallel network that spans parties and bureaucracies. With “Conservatives” in power they proceeded to crash the economy in order to let Labour in and to finally sabotage Brexit. The other option is straight incompetence, yet what has happened is too stupid for that. You can tell the network is in power because Truss appointed a black man to a senior executive position at once, and the network treats blacks as quasi-religious objects.

This is all one element in a wider move. When Truss met Queen Elizabeth II, the media made a big fuss that the Queen’s hand was blue—often seen in aged patients about to die. The next day, if I recall correctly, she died. This was psychological priming, she was polished off to clear the decks for the next stage—Truss struggled to pay sincere tribute to the Queen in the speech that announced her death because she’s a republican. Charles announced he would be a low-profile monarch—then Truss humiliated him by saying he was not welcome at an international climate change conference he previously attended.

The West’s real government is an inorganic patronage network that spans parties—it is unified, and you can tell that it has “a line” that comes down from the “progressive pope” (probably connected to Freemasonry). Counterposed to this network is a more loosely organised organic network that respects traditional institutions (e.g. the monarchy). It is this “invisible government” that is analogous to the deep state and demands war in the Ukraine. For so long as Truss lasts, we should expect more demolition acts against traditional Britain.


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