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664. The army (VIII)

When you follow the left, you will often see the view expressed that the right holds all the cards; and that is partly because the left is a self-pity game—yet the right, for its part, also feels put upon. This is to do with the different economies the left and right work with: the left works with the status economy (exoteric) while the right works with the real economy (esoteric)—men do, girls say. To either side in the political debate, it looks like the other has “total power”; the right is not as expressive as the left, and the left monopolises all the “superficial” means of communication; yet the left senses that while it can control what is fashionable it cannot control real production—it cannot maintain a power line.

The right feels powerless because it is unable to enunciate its values, and sees the things it values everywhere trashed—the left seems to control everything to do with status; and yet “we” pay for it...The left feels powerless because they are dependent for finance on state largess—and the right always squeezes the purse; and worse, the left does not understand how all the novel critical parts of the economy work—a bit like a woman never knows how to drain the u-bend on a sink.

The right underestimates its power because the left is a system to throttle back that power. It is a wife who nags her husband: “I hope you’ll not be at the pub all night again.”. Hence I noticed a tiny neo-Nazi terror group was broken up and its members sentenced to seven years or so in prison—even though, unlike many Islamist groups, they have not killed anyone. The system reacts in this way because even the existence of such a group is a critical threat. Why? It is too primal, the primal reality is more powerful than a mass political party—Islamists can cause infrastructure damage and maim people, but their ideas cannot resonate with the Western population.

Once you see through one lie, it is like a silk curtain with a tiny rip in it—the rip just goes and goes until the whole sheet is torn in half. Hence the left always feels “under threat” and insecure, even when major corporations parrot its lines, because it knows it is all based on deception. The system is always “on the alert” for anything “fascistic” (Trump) because it cannot compete with Western primality. They have no arguments to refute primality—all they have are “drugs”, nagging and distractions to keep people in a comatose state.

This is why George Lincoln Rockwell, a nutcase neo-Nazi after the war, had such an impact despite his minuscule party; he waved the swastika about—and that was enough to disturb the entire system; contrary to what you think, this is not about “what Hitler did” under that symbol—it is to do with the the swastika as a primordial symbol, the hammer and sickle is also soaked in blood but does not excite such a reaction. The left has no arguments to refute primality, only psychological repression; so the left always perceives the right as “terrifyingly powerful”, even when the right sees itself as weak: the left knows that it has a giant on its hands that it has drugged into stupefaction, but they also know he could wake up.

The Conservatives had a slogan in the 2000s “Are you thinking what we’re thinking?”: the left knows almost nobody in the West believes a word they say, what they are “really thinking” beneath the social repression is always there, latently, and only awaits a figure to crystallise those unarticulated thoughts; indeed, if you listen carefully, you will realise that many leftists are also “thinking what we’re thinking”, it is just that much more repressed. Once the repressed idea rises to consciousness the force is immovable—although the catch is that the leaders who can clunk the jigsaw together are rare.


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