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642. Enthusiasm (VIII)

I have spoken of the Irish girl with blue eyes with whom I have experienced synchronicities, synchronicities associated with the Tree of Life and a small village in which I grew up. Sometime ago, out of the blue, she sent me a picture that showed her eye: the pupil formed a little square. The other day, I worked my way through Miguel Serrano and arrived at a section where he said that you should always keep a look out for people with square eyes—they are the immortals. So she must be an immortal goddess.

You see, the fact is that it is all true: the Tuath Dé Danann, Avalon, Atlantis, Thule, the Grail, the elves, the goblins, the dryads and naiads, the forest folk, bigfoot—all real. In the current age, an age of involution, they have merely faded and assumed more mundane forms, as with my goddess—and they have forgotten what they are.

The UFOs? The asuras and devas, the angels and demons—they fly in their vimanas, chariots of the gods; they move on the astral plane. As with the asuras and devas, they can read your mind with a beam of light. It is reported in magical books written long before the UFO phenomenon began that magicians could summon up balls of light—and if you walk in graveyards at night you can see similar little balls, little soul remnants. In the 1930s, Jack Parsons performed a magical ceremony which called up a brownish light ball—and this was before UFOs had entered public consciousness, even for rocket scientists. The UFOs are often seen as balls of light, they merely conform to what magicians have long seen. Further, many UFOs are seen in the sea; why? In Robert Temple’s The Sirius Mystery, he notes that the Dogon, an African tribe with advanced astronomical knowledge, think our creators came from the stars and look like fish—they live in the sea and will return on the day of the fish. The only newspaper to give Temple’s book a negative review? The Communist Daily Worker—no accident.

The UFO phenomenon is covered up because we are in fact governed by Satanic forces, guided by the black magicians, who seek to reduce the world to utter involution—to pure matter. They seek to create AI as an anti-Messiah, an inversion of the true light—a parody, a golem, to rule over Hell on Earth. The Jews, for example, have used quantum computers to conceal parts of reality in parallel universes—or what they believe to be parallel universes in their materialist schema. The materialists believe that they will achieve immortality through the machine; they will be utterly destroyed.

It is necessary to conceal the UFOs from the public, though they know much more about them than they let on, because if they revealed their existence the power of the black magicians would be broken; the spell would be lifted, and people would return to the spiritual supra-consciousness facilitated by the knowledge contained in the blood. This is why it is important for them to mix all the races of the world together—to do so destroys the spiritual powers contained in the blood and so leaves people dependent on the machine. Yet the machine is only intelligent—crafty—not conscious; it is consciousness that is higher, consciousness that creates beauty and quality—the reign of AI would be the reign of ugliness.

Thinkers who say we are just a flux—a schizo flux—such as Minsky, Deleuze, Land, Robert Anton Wilson, and so on do so as a ploy to deny the absolute unconditioned Self (Atman) that lies behind the ego in flux—the pure Sun, the bindi. In the SF “Tripod” series everyone is “capped” by 14 so that the machine-aliens who rule the earth can control their thoughts—so it is with almost all earth’s population today. Yet the gods will return, and return soon—the signs are there, in the sky.


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