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634. Corners of the mouth (IX)

So the progressive utopia is the airport lounge: clean, safe, reliable, well-lit, stocked with familiar brands, peopled with all the races in the world, secular, technological, open round the clock, and convenient. When people vote for the EU, this is what they vote for—and they cannot believe anyone would vote for anything else. “Why would you vote for dirt and danger—don’t you want to buy your fiancée Loverdose at the duty-free? Don’t you want £40 flights to Majorca? Don’t you want to skip through passport control with your red passport?”.

Yet, at a certain level, progressives understand that their utopia is sterile—it combines comfort with anxiety. In the airport lounge, nothing happens; except, very rarely, a black swan event—a 9/11 or Covid-19—that turns the whole smooth machine into uncanny pandemonium; not a normal disaster, but a weird cataclysm. Hence there is always a certain anxiety in the lounge: nothing bad happens here, hardly hardly ever; yet you cannot shake the suspicion that it will, and when it does—oh boy. Hence you drink or take prescription drugs to dampen the anxiety, to take the edge off.

Because the progressives know this is so, they advocate for “diversity”. The secular technological state has removed all the grit and grime—relegated religion to the multi-faith prayer room, safely privatised. Yet progressives understand that their deracinated state lacks authenticity, it is fundamentally unreal—the lounge is the same in Bangkok and Dallas; and that is what is so cool and neat about it—they even have the same chargers for your iPad, I tweeted about it. Even the food is the same, so clean and tasty—gastronomic interoperability. Yet I want some…culture. This is where “diversity” comes in: “diversity” is the Afro-Cuban band who play in a cordoned off area in the lounge—cordoned off with those flexi-tape pillars they use, nothing heavy duty. “Authentic Afro-Cuban beats” says the little description in the glossy booklet. Although all the world’s races and religions mill around, they are officially just “passengers”—“diversity” provides the authorised authentic element in the airport.

When progressives say “it’s so white” with disdain, usually as regards a town or activity, what they mean is that it is “just the airport lounge”—just a suburb, a Walmart, a Tesco, a Starbucks. So white bread and inauthentic—no life here. The contention is correct: the deracinated suburban zone is inauthentic and dead. However, to reintroduce Western authenticity would destroy the techno-egalitarian space (literally Hitler, darling). Hence “acceptable authenticity” must be re-injected through outsider groups—drug addicts, homosexuals, distinctive races and cultures (often hostile to or historically disdained by the techno-industrial West).

The trend is visible in the Beats and in the hippies—they sought the authentic in the non-Western, non-bourgeois world. Conservatives pathetically exclaim: “Don’t you love Starbucks, though? Isn’t this the triumph of Western science, technology, and Enlightenment thought?” White nationalists, for their part, just want a sign on the airport lounge that says, “Whites only”—only inauthenticity allowed here. Meanwhile, I look at the glass wall at Gatwick Airport and think: “It would be splendid if someone drove an HGV right through that. Imagine all the shattered glass, all the beautiful little crystals…”. Here is another vision: you arrive at the Saladin Memorial Airport (no kaffirs allowed) and board an airship for Mecca—the airship being the natural air conveyance, not the contrived jets that force themselves into the air. Our technology is divorced from nature, works against it—abbreviates reality.

When do you desire the airport lounge? When it is abandoned. When it has dirty windows broken by creepers that have forced their way inside. Now you want to go into the mystery—now you want to walk around the silent terminals. Why do you want to go to the abandoned airport lounge? Because it has been reclaimed by nature. Nature is holistic, art is holistic; the airport lounge excludes nature—what excludes nature is hypocrisy, and will be destroyed.


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