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630. The joyous (XIII)

We all congratulate ourselves on being realistic—our opponents are always mad or mentally ill, perhaps they need to “touch grass”. To be in touch with reality is taken to be superior to morality—and it is, if only we could agree on what reality is. “That’s your version of reality,” says the therapist, being a woman, and the male client seethes and accepts it—be realistic, get through the treatment course and go back to work. “Consensus reality”, meanwhile, must be fake—just like “climate science”, itself built on a “scientific consensus” that supposedly represents an emergent convergence on a single conclusion. No, anyone who thinks about this topic in any depth will conclude reality is a bolt from the blue that pierces your delusions—pierces consensus reality, itself a collective delusion.

The right likes to see itself as realistic: in international affairs, realism between states; in domestic affairs, Machiavellianism; in sexuality, PUAs; in economics, trust for businessmen over economists; in biology, Darwinism; in history, elite circulation; and in systematic thought, cybernetic iteration. Indeed, the last half century has been strongly influenced by a rightist man, James Burnham, who prided himself on his Machiavellian realism—seen as superior to liberal delusions. Watch what a person does, not what they say they are—what they do is what they are. This outlook is scientific, though being unsystematic it is more like wisdom; it applies part of the scientific method to everyday affairs and in the process cuts through the liberal delusion bubble—its vanity, virtue-signals, and emptiness. Practical masculine wisdom: reality—or is it?

It is not reality. This approach to life, heralded as “realism”, itself constitutes a deviation from reality—just as much as leftism; indeed, it is a dissident leftism. Reality is reached when you strip away the ego and the manipulations used to maintain it—and to manipulate other people and things—and speak exactly as you see it and know it to be. Rightist “realism”, by contrast, teaches you to manipulate objects and things—women, nations, business partners—to achieve your goals; and this constitutes an attack on reality.

Those people who choose this path will never be sincere or honourable—although they retail this approach as masculine wisdom, thanks to its scientific edge, they are feminine manipulators; just as PUAs teach men to act like women to attract women (like attracts like, the old magic principle). There is a pro-Assad song from the Syrian Civil War that runs “Homeland, Honour, Sincerity”—how difficult it is to imagine anyone in the West penning those lyrics, even in a major war. Long ago, in the 1990s, we passed into irony—and then into degenerate irony, snark. As with the great ironist, Socrates, irony is degenerate; it is a deviation from reality.

As usual, the left is closer to reality than the right—though they have perverted it. You have seen the slogan, often associated with American black women, “I’m speaking my truth.” Well, this is what reality is: it is when you still the ego and say, from the depths of your heart, what you know to be the truth without any attempt to manipulate or control it. Of course, the people who use the slogan “I’m speaking my truth” are not; they spout pre-programmed slogans—perhaps the truth they need to speak is that they do not care one way or another about anything.

Reality is what comes from the grain of mustard seed alluded to by Jesus and the Hindus. It is the heart that knows the truth—just as people who run transgender clinics know in their hearts that it is all a game, and just as anti-abortion activists know they do not care what happens to other people’s babies. “Well, that’s not going to get you very far, sport. Got to play the game, got to get on.” This is reality’s Satanic concealment; for what is done with absolute sincerity can change reality without manipulation—and that is magic.


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