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(63) Bleu

The Estonian Prime Minister has announced that her country will refuse to take any Russian deserters—they should stay at home and undermine the “criminal regime”, in her view. This is foolish: you should always make it easy for your enemy to surrender, nobody wants to fight a man who is cornered with no way out—he will fight tenaciously. So you should always treat your prisoners well and give the enemy every opportunity to defect; ergo, all EU countries should offer asylum to Russian deserters—Dutch weed, Czech beer, and Baltic pussy sound much more pleasant than being killed in a HIMARS strike in the Ukraine (so offer it to them). The men can do nothing to “resist” Putin in Russia, yet their empty cots in barracks will demoralise their fellow soldiers.

To do so also happens to be in alignment with EU ideology, since the EU promotes international migration. The foolish Poles, desperate to keep the Africans the EU tries to dump on them out, have welcomed the Ukrainians with open arms in their hundreds of thousands—the EU will use this fact to force them to open to Africa; hell, they’ll probably route the Africans through the Ukraine if they can. The Poles probably didn’t anticipate that what they see as “revenge” against Russia by helping Ukrainians would backfire in this way—and that just shows you should never act from vengeful motives. They will have no legal, political, or moral leg to stand on when the Africans come.

To return to Estonia, the female PM is motivated by feminine spitefulness—a woman will never let a man, even a foreign man, have it easy (he must stay and suffer); and she seeks revenge against the Russians for their occupation of Estonia (better they die than quickly undermine Putin). Feminine fanatical spite. If Estonia offered asylum, what could Russia do? Mix prisoners—already permitted to volunteer for service—in with the deserters (let Estonia deal with the Moscow kannibal killer).


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