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628. Splitting apart (XIII)

When Enoch Powell requested information about immigration from the relevant government department in the 1960s, he received deliberately rigged statistics that he had to untangle by various means in order to establish the correct figures. Given immigration was not then the enormous issue it became, this indicates that mass immigration into Western countries constitutes one component in a wider plan—if it has to be hidden in this way, with a guilty conscience, then there must be a wider intent.

Now, perhaps the plan is more like a broad intention than an itemised scheme—yet the basic thrust must be there; and this is true for ideas like the promotion of homosexuality—it seems to follow a salami-slice pattern, the final objective probably being to legalise sex with prepubescents and animals. Certain events, essentially caused by this program, such as the AIDS epidemic, can arrest it—yet, as with Stalin’s plans, the odd famine here and there is a blip on the road to socialism.

Consider another field, ufology: for several years, in the 1990s and 2000s, the British arena was dominated by a man called Nick Pope—he had been the “UFO man” in the MOD, and answered public enquiries about the topic. His advent was touted as “disclosure” and Pope was said to have held “the British X-Files”. Yet it eventually emerged that there were at least five departments above Pope in the UFO field—the top department being called DI-55; and Pope admitted that it was this department that in fact told him what he was allowed to say about UFOs. As soon as this was revealed, the building in which this covert department was situated was sold and DI-55 disappeared from the scanty public records from which it could be identified. Pope was “the Pope” of British UFOs; and, as with that Italian-Argentine fraud, Bergoglio, the Pope does not control the Roman Catholic Church—he just exists to provide the cover story.

So when we talk about “the deep state” we are not really talking about the CIA, the FBI, and so on—there is a whole other structure, a world of DI-55s, that exists beyond public acknowledgement; and if they are uncovered, their names change and they divest themselves of any infrastructure that has been uncovered—the chameleon state. Given that these organisation hodl information, real power, they have enormous influence on how countries are directed—information, withheld information, constitutes a battleground (ask Assange). Remember, at one point British counter-intelligence against the Soviets was run by a Soviet spy, Kim Philby, who killed hundreds of our agents in the Eastern Bloc. So who runs the chameleon state?

Does this mean resistance is futile? For some conspiracy-minded people it seems that way—the only hope is the apocalypse. However, I think the whole scheme is a bit more clunky and imperfect than that—although it is formidable. Take Trump, if elected officials meant nothing—as some say they do—the deep state would have just ignored Trump and let him happily play king for four years; in fact, they went mental. You do not go mental if there is no threat; so although Trump was sabotaged at every turn, subtly undermined as with Powell, he still inflicted damage—otherwise, no screams.

I think they really feared he would use his inalienable authority as Commander-in-Chief to declare martial law and probe the deep state, as promised. You can dick around with procedural outcomes in many ways, but the idea that the President is Commander-in-Chief is ironclad and widely acknowledged—if Trump ordered the military to do something and it failed to obey, the whole legitimacy of the system would have collapsed; it would have demonstrated the deep state exists—and that the formal decision-making apparatus is a sham. Unfortunately, Trump was really too nice and too naïve to go that far—and he has been replaced by the corrupt and senile Biden, a man who signs whatever they put in front of him.


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