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627. The joyous (XII)

Royal marriages have always been political. You know the drill: “We want to secure an alliance with King Ferdinand III, so you’ll marry his daughter even though she looks like a horse.” The standard procedure was to then have a side bitch whom you actually found attractive. In modernity, royal families are usually not sovereign—so no need to marry Princess Beatrice off to the Germans to secure a post-Brexit deal. However, constitutional monarchies still serve an important role in legitimisation—the British Royals realised this in the late 19th century and made a particular effort to appear “useful”, to up the pageantry and visits to hospitals, in order to stave off the then-new socialist movement and its attendant republicanism.

Of course, Britain has been a de facto republic since 1688, since the Glorious Revolution. Yet the monarch retains all these vestigial powers that tick-off the autistic egalitarians. Further, though hypothetical, the armed forces still swear allegiance to the monarch—not to Parliament; the Queen is “the sovereign”, even though everyone knows Parliament is de facto sovereign (in theory the Queen can veto bills, it has just been understood for hundreds of years that she never does). Still, you have to wonder what would happen if a monarch actually ordered the military to arrest certain politicians, some of these soldiers are pretty autistic themselves…

Enough day dreams, doubtless they have political instruction about Parliament’s de facto sovereignty (Sad! Low energy!). So what does the monarchy do? Legitimises the system, in return we never go “full republic”—never expropriate all their lands and take away their implicit perks. So when the system wants a political marriage, it happens—hence Harry and Megs. The system says the future is African, the future is creole mixed-race, and we are going to pump millions of Africans into Britain—so the monarchy adds a marriage to role-model breeding patterns among the working class and underclass for this future; and to make itself legitimate among the creole masses who will dominate our major cities in the future. Everything about Harry-Megs is tacky and low-rent—even their child’s name, “Lilibet”, is a tacky trailer-park rip of the Queen’s pet name (they know their audience, I guess).

Of course, the marriage is for the second son—not so important, the creole masses will be on the council estates (we are democrats, yet not that democratic). For the middle class—four-bedroom suburban home, Tesla or BMW in the driveway—we have Wills and Kate, still white but solidly middle class and identifiable with for a suburban mum (she can follow Kate’s dresses on Instagram). Still a step down though, a step down to money-grubbers—and, sure enough, their children are spoilt little brats; the type who will be so flash and unclassy that they will provoke thoughts of the Cromwellian chopping-block.

The whole Punch and Judy show keeps the public distracted, whether they are for Kate-Wills or Megs-Harry—and, in part, Megs-Harry are used to subtly demolish the institution itself through their drama; and to demolish all families, for the Royals are the national family—so Harry models perverted masculinity (crying in public) and disloyalty to family. It is all about involution, destruction of all hierarchies and distinction—whether families or races. Behind it stands Freemasonry and Jewry, for Wills-Kate were match-made by a Jewish millionaire and Megs is partially Jewish (further corruption of the blood). Prince Philip, as with Charles, did not go to an old boarding school—he went to one founded in the 1930s by a German-Jew who fled Hitler and had close links with the Fabians (the gradualist socialists whose LSE brought us Robert Gabriel Mugabe). Strange choice for aristos…almost like someone pulls the strings on these bloodlines…

So the Royal Family is not legitimate, they are a distraction to control the British public. They are in cahoots with their own Fabian gradual dissolution—slowly discredited by the antics of weak-willed Harry. Well…life is a cabaret, old chum…and I love…a cabaret…


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