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619. The receptive (V)

I am not a diplomat or a politician, so I say exactly what I think and feel. Gosh, that’s not going to make you popular…that’s not going to make you many friends…that’s not going help you get ahead…what will the neighbours say…Well, no; and yet it is much better to express your own perception as regards the situation—you will lose friends, you will alienate family members, you will be unpopular with the neighbours; or, to be precise, you will be loved and hated—not just a lukewarm nice guy; it will be real, and that is what is important.

It is not uncommon for people to say that society itself is composed from “robots”. However, “the robot” is a subtle enemy—there are robots whose roboticism is to tell you they are not robotic. You can as easily take views off the peg, choose your skinsuit—choose to follow Hoppe or Powell or Mussolini; and then, even though you talk about individual liberty, you are still just a robosuit who runs every reaction through the appropriate filter. So the views expressed on this website are right wing, I acknowledge that—yet this is a de facto position that came about from an attempt to be as honest as possible; at various times I have acknowledged I am de facto on the right, but I will never constrain what I say or think to conform to some notional right—nor will I say something to deviate for the sake of it, much as some people swear just to show they can do it and are not stuck-up middle-class people (such calculated inverted snobbery is middle class).

Nietzsche was a right-wing thinker, but you will struggle to find much comment on politics as such in his works—no hot takes on what happened in the German parliament that year. Nietzsche related his genuine perspective on Greece—a position unpopular with scholarship—and the outcome was de facto on the right, since the right is just reality really.

I say to you I look at an ad with a black African and a white woman as a couple and it makes my flesh crawl and that when I see two men kiss in public it disgusts me—“right-wing” views. Where did you get those ideas? These constitute my emotional reactions, there is no “idea” behind those reactions—am I not allowed my natural reactions to my environment? No, your perceptions are racist and homophobic. It’s bad enough to say you even noticed interracial pairings in ads—let alone say they evoke disgust in you. You’re like some vile monster—like a paedophile—with his hidden evilness. Actually, as it happens, “paedophilia” was invented by the feminists…OMG, police—halp!

Take a linguistic issue: there are people who use “gay” in its original sense—light-hearted fun; and there are people who insist that “racism” is a neutral term for a scientific approach to anthropology. Should they stop because the mass, the mob, says otherwise? If they genuinely feel that is the best way to express their views, not as an act, then no. But *nobody* thinks that way! This is a lost cause! If you think like that you are a democrat at heart and a coward, you fear the mob—yet the mob is like a woman, it wants to be beaten down into submission.

When “gay” was corrupted—partly to mess up its extensive use in literature, just as with statue demolition to destroy historical continuity—it was done by a few people who stood out from the mass for a perverse position even though they were ridiculed for it; they knew it too, for them it was a resentful intellectual game. Ergo, you should stick to your perceptions even if the whole country is supposedly against you—this is called integrity; and, indeed, the mob really agrees with you—agrees with your comments about the ads and the queers—but they are too cowardly to say so.


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