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609. Following (VI)

Hysteria. It comes from the womb—if you want to calm down, get a hysterectomy. The Victorians had a real problem with it, women got the vapours—sometimes they went to a Viennese masseur to release the tension. Ah. Then we decided that hysteria was a Victorian myth—a fable, since women are obviously as emotionally stable as men. Rock solid, in fact.

Sanna Marin is Finland’s Prime Minister, she was elected at age thirty-four and has only been in the Finnish parliament since 2015—not even old enough to be President in America. She leads—or led, when elected—an all-female coalition. Magdalena Andersson is Sweden’s PM—she is older, more post-menstrual. Faced with Putin’s actions in the Ukraine, both women fell into hysterics and decided to join NATO. In both cases, they upended long-standing and successful policies within slightly over a month. Why? Because they are women and they had hysterics—they ran for safety, unable to deal with the anxiety Putin caused them.

Sweden has been neutral for 200 years—200 years. Admittedly, this is not Swiss neutrality—although it is still substantial; the US has only been around for about 250 years, so this would be roughly equivalent to, say, a decision to alter the Constitution so that the President is no longer Commander-in-Chief of the US armed forces. It is a huge change—a change undertaken on a whim that will have unknown repercussions for Sweden. It is also a ridiculous decision: there are no Russian tanks on Sweden’s borders, there is no suggestion that the Russians were about to threaten Sweden—and it had long been de facto agreed that Sweden would work with NATO if Russia did invade Western Europe.

NATO reality: all those times when Swedish tourists were kidnapped but could say “we’re neutral, we’re neutral; not America, not NATO” and so escape—not always, but often—will vanish. All sorts of hidden benefits—business opportunities, diplomatic sweeteners—will disappear; people will say, from Algeria to Columbia, “Ah, so you’re with the Americans now. Sorry, no deal.” Centuries of goodwill will be burnt overnight. Worse, the Americans will put bases in Sweden—the CIA will extend its protuberances into Sweden’s wet red-velvet orifices and kultural terraformation will accelerate.

The Swedes still have capacity to make their own jet fighters, via Saab—they will find this capacity will be discontinued to allow for NATO “interoperability”, their domesticate aircraft will be replaced by the boondoggle F-35. This is just one way in which Sweden will be homogenised—become tasteless, nutrition-free homogenised milk. As compensation, the Swedes can be roped into NATO’s hopeless wars—perhaps have their children blown up in Somalia to secure Israel’s position before dar al-Islam; and, be sure, those Muslims that Sweden naively absorbed over the decades will see Sweden differently when she is in NATO—see her as a target.

As for the Finns, I have seen countless Finnish nationalists say: “We took Russia single-handed in the Winter War. We could do it again. Easy.” They also gloat in an ugly way over Russian deaths. Despite their rhetoric, their girl-leader runs for NATO’s skirts instead. Again, there is no threat to Finland; indeed, the main Russian complaint has been that NATO wants to expand to her borders—the Russians object, the Finns oblige. Finland’s balanced neutrality (again, with a wise recognition that the West would back her) has been thrown away because their leader is a frightened girl—frightened, or, perhaps, sexually attracted to the virile warrior Putin and keen to get his attention with an outrageous move. These hysterics rush to join a “defence alliance” that is decadent—a proven loser, proven in Afghanistan. They rush to join because they are hysterics who have no wisdom and so burn what their grandfathers carefully constructed. Since their own men are so pathetic they allow this to happen, the only hope for the Scandis is that Turkey’s Erdogan vetos their membership—and saves the Nords from themselves.


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