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604. Pushing upward (X)

Periodically, you will hear Christians say that UFOs are an invention by the government, a means to usher in the New World Order. The sentiment is expressed in a popular meme that features two “soy lords” who point in wonder at the “aliens” and “UFOs” projected by the New World Order into the sky—the aliens give progressive advice about the need for one-world government. Hence the Christian position is often “UFOs are demons”.

I do not know what UFOs are, although I have speculated in various ways about them. I have no set view as to whether they aim to persecute or improve—or, indeed, if they are indifferent to us. However, I do not think that UFOs have been created by the government to dazzle the soy lords into acquiescence. My grounds for this view lie in the way “UFO demons” constitutes what I call “story-telling mode”; it is about how people wish reality to be—how reality “is” when they tell a story about it (if you want to see storytelling mode, one woman talking about her sexual fantasies and not actuality, listen to Amber Heard’s testimony). Governments are not that sophisticated when it comes to lies; and elaborate liars—such as Amber Heard—are eventually caught out, since it is very hard to keep an elaborate story straight.

How do governments lie? Look at Putin’s attack on the Ukraine. In the buildup, we saw tons of Russian matériel lined up on the border. Storytellers would say the FSB was about to conduct an elaborate false-flag operation, pin it on the Ukrainians, and then use it as pretext to invade. It never happened, governments are not that clever. All that happened was that Putin said there were ongoing exercises, denied they had any intention to invade the Ukraine, and then invaded. There was no clever story at all.

The state is bad at everything except war; go to an NHS hospital and you will see how hopeless the state is—and it is also hopeless at lies, not as remotely good as a private operator like Amber Heard (and even she is not so hot). So how do governments lie? They withhold information. They tell half-truths: half-truths, as Enoch Powell observed, are the same as lies—and yet they are much more effective since you cannot be easily caught out. Only stupid criminals develop an elaborate story for the cops, a story that is easily picked apart—clever people say nothing to the police.

It follows that UFOs and aliens are not an elaborate government hoax to make people accept one-world government or other progressive ideas; there is no grand plan to “unveil the truth” and then use digital spectres to manipulate people. That is too cute and it is not how you manipulate people in the real world. Do you manipulate your gf or wife through elaborate stories, or do you just not tell her what you were up to between 6 and 8 last Friday? You keep quiet.

So this is what I think: Western governments know a lot more about UFOs than they let on—they have some serious imagery they suppress, possibly more tangible information too. They might not know what UFOs are but they want the public not to know what they know, since secrecy confers power—to hodl information and manipulate its flow is how you control people with lies. Would the truth drive us mad? I doubt it; actually, more revelation would bring more joy—although it might delegitimise governments, it would indicate there was something more powerful than the state. The left, synonymous with the state and genuinely “demonic”, dislikes UFOs—dismisses them as artefacts for “anally-probed rednecks” and the mentally ill. Why? The left hates mystery, whether religious or scientific, because mystery suggests there is something we do not know, man is not all-powerful—and since the left worships man, worships themselves, they hate UFOs; they would never use them to advance their schemes.


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