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601. Progress (XI)

Jimmy Savile was a wizard, a fact that is fairly well known. This article relies on a video summary by 5ocietyX to provide the main details, but I will add in a few elements they missed—mostly because they follow David Icke, who is fine in his own way but slightly muddled. Savile was born on Halloween, and he was the seventh son—always held to be a mystical situation (“the seventh son of a seventh son”). As a lad, he went down the mines; his fellow miners asserted that he was a witch—mostly because his work clothes remained clean down the mine. Such unconscious comments often reveal much more than meets the eye, people laugh at them because they think the assertion is absurd and yet they really laugh because it is true—truth being met with either silence or laughter. Indeed, Savile openly recounted his reputation “down ut pit”—mentioned that the miners thought he had done a deal with the Devil.

The Savile is case is in part hysteria—although there is a genuine malevolent kernel within it. For example, I watched a Louis Theroux documentary about Savile; it featured a woman who said she had been “abused” by him—yet she was currently obsessed with another pop star and had taken her daughter to see him, and excitedly related how he brushed up against her. Reality: she was a groupie; she was in no way “abused” by Savile, she went looking for a famous man to sleep with—and she was still at it, at it right before the BBC cameras.

A large portion of Savile’s “victims” fall into this category—basically, hysterico-feminist nonsense from people who will not admit sixteen-year-olds (and younger) know what they are about. However, this initial reactionary scepticism has to be tempered by the fact that Savile was not just about “jailbait” groupies—he also sexually molested people who were physically incapacitated in hospital; so this was not just “scorned groupie cries rape” territory—indeed, a victim of the Yorkshire Ripper, with whom Savile was friends, was found very near his parkland flat.

Witchy Savile: he had a crystal ball; he had a wizardy robe with a Crowleyite symbol on it; he had many rings, including a Saturnian ring; he used alchemical wordplay in his catchphrases (jingle-jangle; now-then, now-then—almost a Zen incantation; now-then, present-past—and repeated three times for magical effect); he kept a dead man’s artificial eye about him; he threw Crowleyian hand signs—and, of course, Crowley advocated sex magic; he was buried standing up; he seemed to speak in a Crowleyian way about his desire to do his “true will”; he kept his mother’s wardrobe and, being obsessed with her, probably crossdressed (a shamanic act); he had a highland lodge, just like Crowley’s Boleskin; and his notorious marathons and some of his sexual escapades align with various ley lines, centres of spiritual energy in Britain.

Finally, a point often missed, Savile dyed his hair white—just like Julian Assange; and Assange had his hair dyed white because his mother was briefly involved in the Australian Aryan-kundalini cult “the Family” (no relation to Manson)—the Buddha was said to have cotton-wool white hair, so to dye your hair this way symbolises awakening.

Where Icke-ists go wrong with Savile is that they say he worshipped Saturn and in various sex ceremonies his victims overheard “Hail Saturn!” and thought they heard “Hail Satan!”—hence allegations of Satanic abuse. Possibly this happened, but, if it did, Savile had his occult wires crossed. Saturn is the hidden god of the Golden Age (Abraxas), yet you do not channel the hidden god beyond duality through exoteric invocations. Icke fans get excited and say Saturn is Satan, the royal family worship Satan—and then start to make various egalitarian points, the socialism starts to leak in fairly quickly. Saturn stands for the Golden Age to return—yet there is nothing sinister about him, rather he is nothing at all.


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