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596. Revolution (XIII)

One thing I learned from Karl Popper, despite his general inanity, is that Marx’s “class consciousness” expressed, in the original German, a sentiment much closer to “class-proud” than mere “consciousness”; the class-conscious worker is not just aware that he is a proletarian—he also has pride in the fact, a slight swagger. If you look at some old leftist writings you often find people—usually intellectuals—who speak about being “proud class-conscious workers”; and they perfectly express this sentiment.

Marxist “pride” is relevant because today we have the LGBT+—another “oppressed group” who are “proud”. Now, in part, this is to do with cocking a snoot at Christianity—Christianity specifically condemns pride, ergo the West makes pride a central virtue. Similarly, the rainbow stands for God’s compact with man, but it has been taken over as the LGBT+ flag. LGBT+ originates, as noted ad nauseam, from Marxist groups—like the Mattachine Society, founded by exiles from the CPUSA. So LGBT+ has little to do with human sexuality, it has everything to do with mobilising people as an “oppressed class” for whom “the arc of history” bends towards social justice.

This is why LGBT+ expands constantly, and why about 30% of American youths now consider themselves LGBT+. Take a relatively novel idea, about twenty years old, like “asexuality”—this is just a perfect mobilisation identity to develop in a slightly unconfident teenager who is conscious that he is otherwise a demonic “straight white man”. “Hey, I’m cool—I’m with the oppressed masses, too: I’m asexual.” The same goes for transsexual ideas—deliberately turned into “transgender” to make them more fungible. These are just devices to mobilise the maximum number of people; they can then be proud of their narcissistically confected identity. Of course, to point this out might be a hate crime…

As they say up North, “There’s nowt so queer as folk.” So, for example, a conservative American politician, Madison Cawthorn, stands under suspicion that he is a homo. He is: for a start, “Madison” is a gay name for a boy—secondly, he has the smile and the look. Now, it has been said he “sexually harassed” several girls—yet from the reports it sounds more like a queer horsing around with his fag hags than genuine hetero “aggression”. Probably the girls were put up to complain by his political opponents or did it for narcissistic thrills.

Cawthorn shows up how real human sexuality is ambiguous. He was homeschooled and worked at Chick-fil-A, so I know the type. Now, evangelical Christians are demonised by the system—yet they annoy in their own way. At university, the evangelical girls would engage in an excruciating cocktease with their docile beaus; they would sit on the bed and let them kiss a little, then stop. Then there would be a big moral examination as to whether they had “sinned”. It only struck me today why these evangelicals annoyed me so much: hypocrisy; if you want to be chaste have chaperons and never hang out with boys—forget all this sit on the edge of the bed business, tits or get out! The tempted boys were often “straight edge”, basically “Christian punks”. As with “Christian rock” this was lame and hypocritical: Christian rock sucks because rock is about sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. “Jesus is my drug! He’s my ecstasy!” “Jesus Christ, spare us!”.

That is roughy Cawthorn’s world, and these people tie themselves in awful knots about sexuality—worse, Cawthorn became a democratic politician; a professional hypocrite. Of course, people like Cawthorn tie themselves in even worse knots, since they are professionally against “the LGBT+ agenda”, so when it all leaks out it looks like LGBT+ is correct. Milo Yiannopoulos almost escaped the bind; his message: look, I like cock but I hate immigration—and the Muslims in particular scare me. He had to divert though, make a fuss about his black boyfriend; probably, as with Cawthorn’s tour around the Eagle’s Nest, he dreems of blond stormtroopers...


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