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586. Retreat (XV)

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Autism: God is light, light comes from the Sun—ergo, the Sun is God. The internal light, the light of consciousness, matches the light from the Sun—consciousness only becomes bound to matter when it becomes data, when it is, for example, written down. The word kills the spirit, the process whereby our consciousness, our will, transforms into emotions or thoughts represents the moment where light is bound to matter—ultimately, we want to disentangle light from matter; we want to get back to the light.

The people who talk about God as some abstract outside entity are completely detached from God, since God is the internal light and the light from the Sun—both entirely tangible, and, from the perspective of physics, quite mysterious. The so-called Christians are not Christians at all—they are Satanic. This is because they worship the cross; they worship an instrument of death. Bill Hicks might have been very cringe in many respects, but he was right about this idea: the Christians are like people who put a little electric chair round their necks—a total death cult. Really, Jesus is about resurrection and about life; if the people with the churches were really about life and resurrection they would have the empty tomb as their symbol, instead they have the cross.

This explains why Christians are such miserable bastards and hypocrites and why churches feel like death: these are shrines to death—shrines to Satan. These people do not follow Jesus, they follow the cross—they follow torture and death. Really, they should follow the Sun—the Sun is the Son, Jesus the Son. This is childish wordplay, but it is completely true.

You might object that the Christian Churches have been around for a long time, but consider for a moment the general theme in this blog that all is not as it seems—the general point on the right that notes that institutions tend to be perverted and corrupted. It stands to reason that large bureaucracies—the Catholic Church, the Church of England, even the Orange Lodges—have nothing to do with Jesus, anymore than universities have anything to do with scholarship in the contemporary world. On the contrary, these bureaucracies, per rational choice theory and public choice theory, exist to get people hooked—the good doctor gets rid of his patients, the good priest gets rid of his parishioners; and yet the bureaucratic churches want to get you hooked, and they get you hooked through a woolly abstract “God” you have to believe in (not know) and a lot of moralisation to make people feel bad and control them.

Put this way it makes a lot more sense: no wonder the Roman Catholics are overrun with priests who repeatedly bugger choirboys, and no wonder you end up with these American televangelists with little earpieces who pretend to get messages “from the Lord”—these people worship lies, cruelty, and death (they want to kill Jesus, they like to see him on the cross). If you just said, “Exoterically God is outside, He’s the Sun; and esoterically He’s inside, He’s the light—it is all the same light,” then these Christians would have no racket to run—no people to manipulate and make resentful and sour. It follows that we need pull out the crucifix from all the churches—the crucifix is a Satanic symbol invented by bureaucrats and Pharisees who want to cover up Jesus. In its place, put an empty tomb—or the Son as he ascends to the Sun; or perhaps even that old Hindu (well, it belongs to the world really) symbol for the Sun, the swastika.

So it is all very easy: no need to strain over silly illogical theological arguments—God is in the sky, the Sun; and God is in the heart, in consciousness. If you look inside, you see Him; if you look at the sky, you see Him. Simple. It is only these priestly liars who make it hard.


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27 apr. 2022

I'm not a churchgoer but this is weak, definitely one of your less interesting efforts.

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