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(57) Rosado

Ronald Dion DeSantis has a plan: ship immigrants off to Martha’s Vineyard or to New York to shame the establishment—after all, they dump migrants in conservative territories, so why not do the reverse? Let them have a taste of their own medicine…It will never work. Conservatives cannot do “japes” or “stunts” by definition, it’s the left that turns up to an annual general meeting for stockholders and dumps oil all over the participants. “Corporate greed DESTROYS Alaskan wilderness,” say the signs. Nothing conservative about that…

DeSantis is a system creature and as a typical conservative he thinks he can show up the establishment’s hypocrisy through this stunt. Yet the establishment knows it is hypocritical—the fact it can openly be so demonstrates its power. The stunt has been tried (failed) before, a segregationist governor sent a few surplus blacks to the northern states during the civil rights era—the result, per the propaganda, was a heartwarming story of integration and acceptance. A wealthy place like Martha’s Vineyard has more than enough spare resources to absorb a few migrants, make them into success stories—anywhere in the West could take a few migrants. The stunt will merely be used to exemplify how mean, nasty, and petty conservatives are. As for New York, the city is filled with migrants—who will notice one or two more?

Further, we have to ask if Martha’s Vineyard is really where the people who run America vacation: the propaganda around the migrant drop has an oddly socialist tinge—“the rich elites” are being punished for their hypocrisy. But the migrant issue is not about wealth, the modestly wealthy university prof (could never afford a holiday home on the Vineyard) is really the actuator behind immigration—how to target him? Besides the prof, there are the real powers that be—the real elites never go to Martha’s Vineyard, “Don’t you know, darling, if it’s in the media—dear God, if Bill Clinton vacations there—it’s simply not for us!”.


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