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548. Oppression (XI)

Progressives tend to conceptualise their opponents as infants with full diapers. The idea that Putin and Trump are “toddlers” reflects the progressive feminine-narcissistic position: men who undertake autonomous action that conflicts with societal norms must either be “mad” or “tantrum toddlers”. Indeed, if you argue with women they will either say you are “mentally ill” or need to “grow up”—and the progressive left uses the same shame-scold tactics in politics.

The narcissistic-feminine position is not so advanced as to even understand that the anomalous behaviour comes about because the other person has different rational interests or a different interpretation of history—for the Non-Playable Character the other person does not exist as an independent entity. Hence there is no scope for negotiation; since the feminine-narcissist has not even differentiated self from other, there is no one to negotiate with. Failure to blandly conform can only be due to “madness” or “an attention-seeking tantrum”. In our decadent and highly feminised societies many men also think this way, or are complicit in this thought style.

This is why progressives said they were “the adults in the room” when it came to Trump. For them, “adult” behaviour is not autonomous responsible behaviour to protect and pursue your interests; “adult” behaviour is to conform with overt social norms and preen your position within those norms—reality, should it conflict with those norms, must be concealed. People who fail to act in this way need to “grow up” or “deal with their issues”; ironically, it is the autonomous responsible person who is more adult. Putin may have blundered in the Ukraine, but whatever happens his actions had a rationale and were nested in an interpretation of history that differs from ours. The narcissistic-feminine position cannot see this is so: it only sees something that produces negative emotions and so must stop immediately.

Occasionally, you will see progressive liberals take apparent sadistic delight in certain aspects of reality. You say, “Europeans are being replaced in their own countries and are demonised by the state media and education system.” The archetypal bearded Redditor, with mouth agape and craft beer droplets in his beard, says, “No, no that’s a conspiracy theory; and anyway, white people deserve it. After all we’ve done, good.” The reason for this response is that reality has pierced the narcissistic shell and caused negative emotion.

The Redditor actually agrees with you, but the situation frightens and distresses him too much. You have effectively said to him: “The entire state system works against you, will destroy you—wants to destroy your family and children. The result of these policies will be civil war, IQ collapse, and infrastructural malfunction—possibly a collapse of techno-industrial civilisation…” He knows what you say is true, and what he really says in his emotional answer is this: “It’s true, but what can I do? If I say that in public I’ll be ‘one of them’, perhaps I’ll lose my job and friends and the media will hound me. I just want my tea and biscuits and to watch the cricket; and hopefully all this will happen after I’m dead. What can I do? I’m one man. Why are you saying these things? Everyone knows it, what can we do? Shut up!”

Hence the narcissistic-feminine position portrays men like Trump, Farage, and Putin as large infants. “Just be an adult, shut up and take it like everyone else. I think it’s shit, but I just get on like an adult. I don’t try to upset US hegemony in Eastern Europe. I don’t try to stop mass immigration. I don’t try to leave the EU.” Deep down, the narcissistic-feminised men agree with the stronger men; yet their appetite for reality is so low they want to shut it out, and this is why genuine progress is so slow: people want to sink into their comfortable delusions and ward off painful thoughts and emotions—even if to accept these thoughts and emotions is the only way to improve.

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