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528. The gentle (XII)

Aleksandr Dugin condemns Nick Land, Graham Harman, and Reza Negarestani as being Satanic—except, for Dugin, they are less so than Kamala Harris; for although the Satanic troika engages in what Dugin sees as “the dark arts” they do so openly and are truthful about their wicked designs—whereas Harris is muddled and conceals her true wickedness under bland statements about her love for humanity. Hence Dugin can have traffic with these devils—or perhaps he just acknowledges fellow practitioners of academic bibliomancy. Professional respect: Harris is no certified academic and says things that are more asinine than evil. Dugin can look the others in the eye, become serious, and “begin the theory”.

Dugin is on the wrong track in this regard, and this is because he is a Satanist himself—Satan being man himself, the great deceiver. Dugin is still far too socialistic, far too much in love with humanity to have renounced Satan. For Dugin, Satan is modern science; and you have probably heard this line a million times before: “Satanism isn’t Anton LaVey and all that guff—that’s just party tricks and nonsense for the media. Real Satanism is science; it’s the man in the lab coat. It’s the sober quantitative approach that wants to ‘get behind the object’—put nature on the rack—and so attain unlimited power. To get behind the object with science, to become the object, to become ‘the Old Ones’ (just a metaphor for them, not real): this is what the scientific-Satanic troika wants. Computers are demonic, nothing special to it. Google Jack Parsons!”.

Dugin gets in a muddle because he forgets that Satan is the father of lies—he is the great deceiver. Yet he admits that the troika speaks the truth, whereas Harris and company do not. So the troika speaks the truth: if science produces truths, then it cannot be Satanic. Dugin has overshot and he has overshot because he wants to be “a goody” who loves the human race and he thinks that science is ultimately against religion (against “Traditionalism”, of which he has an untraditional interpretation). This is not true: Satan is the mushy middle, the democratic compromise that lies and covers things up.

God spits out to lukewarm: Harris and company praise science, yet disdain eugenics; they praise Christian charity for migrants, yet disdain Christian teaching on abortion and the family—they are neither fish nor fowl, neither scientists nor genuinely religious people; they claim to be both, but just take the sweet and delectable bits from each discipline. This is Satanic: it is centred on neither God nor Nature—it is centred on man’s convenience.

The relation between science and religion is the relation between higher and lower truths. Religious truth is musical: it is the rhythm—from the ancient Greek for flow, the eternal river. Religion, in its Latin etymology, rebinds: it is the holistic organic approach that holds a word spoken with the right rhythm at the right time can change reality. Science is about analysis—literally “unbinding”—it breaks everything down, and its rhythm is the sharp clackety-clack on a keyboard; eventually, through cybernetics, it recreates the higher organicism at a lower level. Computers are impressive, but a Beethoven symphony is something else—although through number they are not unrelated.

What stands opposed to these higher and lower truths? The mushy middle: the people who lie for convenience and are neither scientific nor religious. The problem with men like Dugin is that they fear that science contradicts religion so they try to be clever and say “science is the real Satanism”; yet if science produces truths—and it does—it cannot be Satanic by definition. It does not really contradict religion, if religion is correctly understood. Lies contradict both: the “obvious Satan” is not science, it is the liars like Harris and company—and Dugin cannot see that because he himself is a socialist politician and so cannot really sink his teeth into his own kind (i.e. liars).

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