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(52) Silber

Victory in war depends on cohesion, coordination, and information—and it also depends on breaking down the same three factors in your opponent. Politics is war without the kinetic element—and so the same factors apply to politics. So-called “populist” political policies—anti-immigration, pro-family, pro-nation—are immensely, as it happens, popular with most people in the West. You can tell this is so because channels and accounts on social media that put forward these views, even in an aesthetically crude way, organically build huge audiences whereas more “cultivated” products from state broadcasters and large corporations remain relatively stagnant. This is why de-platforming is so important: it breaks up the right’s ability to attain cohesion, coordination, and exchange information—particularly to coordinate its activities.

If you never hear a private thought expressed by someone else—especially well expressed—it will remain latent within you; and perhaps you will feel you are totally alone and “immoral”, if not “evil”—this is the power that comes about when your enemy can totally disrupt the means by which your cohesion and coordination should be facilitated. Hence you often see right-wing people who say, “Am I mad? Have I gone mad?”. Obviously, this is not a literal question but a means to seek other people to affirm their views—views taken as common sense subjectively appear as “madness” when every medium of cohesion, coordination, and information says otherwise.

Left-wing politics grows from decadence: the fish rots from the head down; hence the universities, the media, the aristocracy—the people and groups that are meant to help the nation cohere and coordinate—turn against the nation; and they use state power to do so. The situation is that the nation is a lock and only a few people have the key—if you can bring the key holders, men like Enoch Powell, to the nation then the door opens very easily. The problem is that the people who lead the nation have concealed the door and hidden the key.


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