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519. Influence (XIV)

In the 1960s, the anti-immigration Conservative MP Enoch Powell made a speech in the Commons on the topic. A deeper voice called out: “But the fact remains…You are a racialist. You were damaged at your mother’s knee—that is the relevant fact…poor mummy’s darling.” The voice belonged to Andrew Faulds, an actor turned Labour MP. You would be unlikely to hear a similar interjection today, the above is too Freudian—people do not think in that way now, it merely illustrates Freud’s deep impact. Today, the accusation has flipped. Back in 2009, Lily Allen, a well-known left-wing songstress, released “Fuck You”—the song is a retort to a (presumably dumped) reactionary boyfriend: “You’re just some racist who can’t tie my laces…Your point of view is medieval / Do you get / Do you get a little kick out of being slow-minded / You want to be like your father / It’s approval you’re after / Well that’s not how you find it.”

So it seems that in a forty-year period leftist psychologising moved from Oedipus to Electra—right-wing men no longer romance their mothers, they just want daddy’s approval; and this instability perhaps indicates that left-wing psychological responses are more about manipulation and dissimulation than an accurate psychological picture. As women predictably retort, as with one voice, if you tell them the truth about what women are like: “Who hurt you?!” This could be translated as: “You’re hurting me by generalising about women—so meaning I’m not unique.” Deep down, women know they are not unique—only men are—and this is why the truth about their predictability hurts them.

To return to the main theme, are right-wing racialists—I feel quaint this morning—all narcissists who, sunk in smother love, decide they cannot stand anyone around them who does not look like them? Well, Powell was an only child and his mother’s project; Evola lived with his mother—post-war she distracted the police, seeking him on a political charge, while he slipped out; Yukio Mishima was his grandmother’s little darling; HP Lovecraft, he of the cat called “Nigger”, was his mother’s only concern after his father went mad from a venereal disease; Jonathan Bowden, occult oratorical celebrity, was deeply disturbed by his mother’s early death after insanity—a path he eventually followed her down; and, of course, Hitler was distraught when his mother died from breast cancer…

I think there is some truth to this accusation; and it explains why homosexuals crop up—somewhat paradoxically—in neo-Nazi groups; homosexuals are inherent narcissists, being in love with the sex that resembles them and so also in love with the race, the beautiful boy. Perhaps they also seek immortality through the race and not children—being childless adventurers.

However, it strikes me that the left-wing attitude to race is more narcissistic. The left-wing attitude to race is that all people are really the same—actually, though unadmitted, leftists think that all people in the world are white middle-class Northern Europeans. Racialists may well be slightly narcissistic, but at least they recognise that people are different from them—arguably, they are too aware people are different from them. The leftist, meanwhile, thinks that a Zulu and a Japanese are both quite identical to him—and this position is far, far more narcissistic.

To return to the original interjection from Faulds: this man was a professional actor, and in Parliament he was notorious for speaking out of turn and for making spiteful comments to throw people off—at various times, he referred to other MPs as “the fat-arsed twit” and “the honourable shit”. What was Faulds? He was what he accused Powell of being, a narcissist—a man who broke parliamentary rules to get attention and made spiteful and foul psychological attacks to throw people off. Was he, in fact, “damaged at mummy’s knee”? Powell, for his part, only voiced his instinctual concerns about immigration after years of careful restraint—and, of course, his stance has been entirely vindicated.


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