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(50) Türkis

The above video features Liz Truss as a student. I’m not going to give Truss a hard time for her stated views here, since what she says is just standard student fare and feminine pique that anyone is considered more important than her—and such views can undoubtedly be heard on any campus you choose today. Truss was a Liberal Democrat at university, about the most anaemic political position you could choose—the Liberal Democrats combined the old Liberal Party with the Social Democratic Party that split away from Michael Foot’s hard left Labour. The Liberal Democrat is a technocratic progressive, the most pure “system creature” you can imagine—a contemporary analogue would be France’s Macron.

Truss’s parents were, by her own admission, “to the left of Labour” and both were involved in the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Her father was a minor mathematician, notable enough to warrant his own small Wikipedia page, and so he probably belonged to the “clever-silly” category of socialist—so bright, they endorse impractical solutions that defy common sense (such as unilateral nuclear disarmament). Since political positions are hereditary and both her parents were “to the left of Labour”, Truss is, in fact, a communist with a small “c”.

Notice that the republican argument in the video also supports socialism—it is an argument for socialism. “Why should one family enjoy hereditary privilege and rule?” is the same as “Why should you pass your property on to your children just because they are related to you?”. Nothing personal, just going to divest you of your birthright…Indeed, why have a country? “Just because you’re all related to each other and were born here, why do you think this country belongs to you?”. Will Truss refuse to hand property on to her two children? I think not, yet it is the same principle. Hence the critique applied to monarchy ultimately becomes a critique against all property and against the nation itself—and so all republicanism is a step towards socialism.


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