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5. Biting through

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Under surveillance, paranoia approaches. My screen recorder turns itself on again and again, a wink from the cryptographic authorities that rule the world; the owls grow loud outside my window…especially when I watch videos about UFOs. These are mere delusions of importance, succour for the trivial or—.

My oracle advises a firm bite.

Let us be direct: if the symbol tells us that we must bite through then let us act like our good friend the snake and make a direct attack. Everything that you have heard and dismissed as retarded is the complete truth. The Europeans, the whites, are descended from a race of giants who originate on the planet Venus, planet of Lucifer and his minions. When I met a former Royal Marine, drunk and lamenting outside a bar, he told me his brother married a treacherous Indian woman whose family disowned her when she married “the white devil”; her family was more right than this sober MATERIALIST knew, his brother was a descendant of the great white devil himself. A descendant of the smith and the forge master; these SHAMANIC occupations were never trusted: we—the white devils—have mastered the art of war, of science, and of technology; we dropped a sun on Japan. Hence, for our crimes, we must quit the Earth entire and attain the stars; our destination is a solar supremacy.

These stout giants have been waging an aeon-long war against the forces of the materialist demiurge, forces that are usually represented by the trifecta of those old Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As it happens, the demiurge, the old slaver, has given up on these faiths, as brother Nietzsche knew, so now we live under a denuded form of Christianity that retains everything poisonous about the old faith while preserving none of the crisp, clean parts; we call adherents of this faith progressives or leftists. The Catholics, bound by pagan sensibilities, kept the worst tendencies of the demiurge in check; their mother cult and their residual allegiance to the figure of Jesus-Mithras held the forces of dissolution back awhile. Paradoxically, the most extreme Protestants, represented by NIETZSCHE, the most compleat Protestant of all, pushed the Reformation to its logical conclusion: beyond the nihilistic and destructive urge of the Reformation lay a return to the primal truth; only what had broken apart altogether could join again.

We are engaged in a struggle between the evil eye—the single eye so beloved by mass media—and the snake, the Kundalini energy of awakening, that wants us to move beyond the material and expand our consciousness; we are going to open our eye by going down to the snake-like roots at the base of abdomen. The great evil eye keeps us under observation because it wishes to make us self-conscious; it wants to destroy the innocence of childhood— the kingdom of the child known to Jesus and Heraclitus—and imprison us in a banal and coarse material reality. The child of Heraclitus and Jesus is eternity, otherwise known as Aeon or Saturn or Kronos: the unfortunate god of the Golden Age who was stuffed into a cube-like box by the demiurge.

We seekers of eternity: destination, Saturn.

Partisans of psychic liberation make occasional sorties into our material prison; but their efforts are often blunted by ignorance or their own residual enslavement. Our contemporary ayahuasca cults represent a groping back to knowledge of Sophia—once instantiated in the Virgin Mary—and an awakening of consciousness. Graham Hancock, CG Jung, Terence McKenna, and Alan Watts grasped part of this truth: Gnosticism represents a primordial European religion that is related to Hinduism and Buddhism. Due to commercial sensibilities and residual loyalties to Christianity, these men could never step over the demiurge completely; exchange no coin in the temple: the reward is a half-enlightenment. If we are to free Kronos we cannot care for money or popularity or success; we few, we knights of eternity, are strong enough to open the box alone.


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