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491. Holding together (V)

A recurrent problem for the right is that the major state-owned broadcasters and media complexes within their countries, such as the BBC and PBS, are completely against the right and their organic populations. This has always been the case—there was no “golden age” for the BBC, and if you think there ever was then you yourself have been propagandised by it. Even twenty years ago, long before “wokeness””, Greg Dyke, then Director-General of the BBC, complained that the organisation was “hideously white”—and that view, the ruling class view in the West, extends not just to the organisation but also to the country itself. Of course, the country is no longer “hideously white”, although it is “hideously something”; and, indeed, such quaint understated-ironic locutions as “hideously”, redolent of public schools and grammar schools, have been replaced by new words; possibly also hideous, although at least not ironic—irony being decadent.

How to deal with state broadcasters? One proposed solution is to payoff the staff. Privatise the organisation and make the bureaucracy and bureaucrat-journalists redundant. This will not work; if it was implemented you would create a great many unemployed professional propagandists with time and money to spare—and also a grudge against you. The primary appeal found in journalism and “the culture industry” is status and status-creation, not money. People in the BBC are relatively badly paid, but they have great status—even now. They set the trend for the nation; they decide, in part, what is fashionable—albeit in a perverted way.

As such, they will not accept being paid off; indeed, if you insult a man and then give him money as compensation he will hate you and resent you. You are better off just insulting him than adding injury to insult by insulting him and then paying him. Similarly, if you laid off the BBC staff you would merely create thousands of propagandists who resented you for taking away their prestige and influence—and who would inevitably turn their propaganda abilities against your government. A big problem, since modern politics is an information war.

The answer to this conundrum is for organisations like the BBC and PBS to be treated like criminal conspiracies and broken up as such. Their confidential files should be published—given to media outlets such as the Daily Mail or the New York Post to pick over. Within these files, there would be more than enough evidence, say, to tie the organisations to efforts to protect “paedophiles” such as Jimmy Savile. The entire organisation should be tied to these cases; similarly, under suitably transvalued values, men like Dyke, who made anti-white statements, could be demonised as such—possibly tried for incitement.

As with the USSR, where there were suicides after the country collapsed among Western Communists, the people who worked for organisations like the BBC must be made to understand that their “faith” has been utterly discredited and the earth salted—a similar procedure happened with Hitler’s Germany. Essentially, the status derived from the organisation has to be destroyed so that it is as shameful for their grandchildren to say, “My grandad was a senior executive at the BBC; he worked on Dr. Who,” as it is for some young German to say, “My grandad was a senior NSDAP man!” The status associated with working at the BBC must be systematically destroyed, perhaps former journalists and executives could be made to pick litter or similar—or issue excruciating publicly-broadcasted apologies to various victims from the files.

Humans thrive on status, and at the moment the public broadcasters are high-status institutions—further, these organisations also create and cultivate perverted status signifiers among the population. To completely neutralise these organisations, it is essential to “break their swords and tear off their epaulettes” in public, as with a dishonoured soldier; in other words, they must be literally de-graded—it must be understood that to have worked for the BBC or PBS was a low-grade occupation, something you should be ashamed of.


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