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472. The taming power of the great (II)

“Treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen.” This old saw sums up every insight into relations between men and women to be plucked from various PUA blogs, podcasts and YouTube channels—it is the red pill on women. Yet, of course, nobody ever became rich or famous with such a clipped observation—“Please, master, tell me how to be mean so that they will be keen,” says the youngster before his virtual sensei. “Well, get creative, bub.”

Except they never say that, not only because there is no money and fame in it, but rather because humans are compelled to talk about the opposite sex. MI6 once dug a tunnel beneath the Berlin Wall to bug the Soviet phone lines on the other side. The result: “Oh, it was mostly the officers talking about sex,” says the old spymaster, his eye half on a good lunch in Soho. The real PUA appeal is at least as much talking about it as doing it—pondering the eternal mystery and all that.

The problem with PUA world—with its various “rational males”—lies precisely in its supposed rationality, for its techniques derive from behaviouralism. Now, make no mistake, what they say works—so swot up on your Socio-Sexual Value if you will, and get ready to “neg”. The techniques teach a man to “flip the script”, a “script” being itself derived from Eric Berne’s game theory inflected Transactional Analysis. The way to seduce women is to act like a woman—be flighty, unpredictable; be what they used to call a coquette (French for “cock tease”). Act that way and you will be “situationally alpha”, among the 20% who get 80% of da bitches. Of course, never say “situationally alpha” in ordinary conversation—very un-alpha. PUA jargon is strictly internet-only, if you take it offline—meet irl—nobody can use it and be taken seriously; as with much online kulchur it never translates into the meat space, you cannot say “lol” out loud—not without being totally cringe.

As PUAs admit, you will have to keep this act up permanently; unless you are naturally alpha, you will have to work at it—make sure you “keep frame”, keep her in your mental space, or else you will never survive her shit-test; then, game over. The obvious problem is that you will have to act all the time. Most people have to act all day at work; now, thanks to PUAs, you have a second job—you “keep frame” all day with your colleagues, now you can do it at home all evening with your wife. “It works, bro. It’s like the gym. You gotta be disciplined. Hire a coach. Read the book. Do the work.” PUAs merely repeat that very femoid cliché, one you probably first heard on Oprah, that you need to “work on your relationship”—a very American sentiment that, Protestant work ethic; put in more hours, take fewer vacations. Be your best self. Hustle.

Of course, most hustlers end up with AIDS—hustlers are gay; and this makes sense, because PUA advice turns you into a woman—a psychological manipulator and dissimulator; or, in what used to be an unflattering archetype much-featured in comic operas, a seducer and a lecher—yet a seducer is not masculine, with his scented handkerchiefs and lisp. Viktor Komarovski in Dr. Zhivago is the type: after he forces himself on Lara he says, “And don’t call this rape. That would flatter us both.” Savage neg, Monsieur Komarovski. What is Komarovski like as a man? A betrayer, a man who plays for the Tsar and the Bolsheviks but only cares about himself—in other words, a seducer; a feminised man.

PUAs will never admit the real solution: stop acting like women and restore real marriage—marriage that makes everyone “situationally alpha”; and they rarely go all the way and admit that an appeal within marriage was that men could, mildly, physically chastise their wives. They never go there, because PUAs are feminised men.

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