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450. Revolution (X)

You have probably encountered the concept “asabiyyah”; it is spelled in various ways, there is no one agreed way to transliterate from the Arabic—yet it is almost always written with smug satisfaction. The reason for this is that it is a non-white, non-Christian concept and, therefore, high status—it was developed by Ibn Khaldun in the 1300s.

Academics pretend that straight white men ignored this valuable concept for centuries because they were so bigoted and prejudiced; in fact, from Gibbon to Spengler, white men knew Khaldun. The West actually dominates the world because, as with chameleons such as Lawrence of Arabia, North-Western Europeans have relatively low ethnocentricity and will readily mix with and learn from others, rather than disdain a rival tribe: the picture is almost the opposite to that presented by progressives; you may well find a blindly bigoted Croatian, Jew, or Chinaman who automatically thinks “my people best”—North-Western Europeans are the least likely to do so and consequently are the most vulnerable to bullies who say they are excessively ethnocentric, “racist.”

Contemporary academics, essentially all leftists, are proud to have found a non-white non-Christian ancient concept, very high status—hence they always feel proud when they write about asabiyyah. Yet they are “puzzled” about what this asabiyyah is in fact: they say it means “solidarity”, “group cohesion”, “group coherence”—verily, this non-white non-Christian way of knowing is a mystery; we cannot express it in English, not truly. It is, as with Christ, another mystery from the East. It is true that there are foreign words that maintain a certain untranslatable je ne sais quoi, but this is not the case with asabiyyah. Leftists like asabiyyah not just because it is non-white and non-Christian but because they use relative ignorance about a foreign word and concept to inject socialism into it—leftist academics do this all the time, from the Iroquois to the Incas it turns out every non-Western group really practiced socialism. So “asabiyyah” is “solidarity”—an inherently socialist word—or “group cohesion” or “group coherence”; all socialistic, swampy, and collective words.

Here is the actual etymology for asabiyyah: “to bind, to fold, to wind—asaba, the group of male relatives”. Put correctly asabiyyah is loyalty—specifically, loyalty between men. Indeed, “religion” derives from a similar etymology—“to bind, or to rebind”. So it could be said that asabiyyah means “the loyalty between men that is underpinned by religion”. Put that way it is no wonder our atheist leftist academics have to hedge about and claim it is “untranslatable”—except as “solidarity”, comrade. You could say asabiyyah is this: the sacred oath of loyalty that binds a group of men together. Put that way it sounds a bit unprogressive, a bit discriminatory and elitist—and it is. Sounds like the venerable knights of the Roundtable to me. “Clearly reactionary nonsense: what’s next, a quest for the Holy Grail…”.

Leftist views amount to the proposition that defection—betrayal—constitutes a good thing. We no longer have apprenticeships because we do not accept that a young person could loyally bind themselves to a master for a designated period, under pain of severe penalties—and we no longer have marriage because life-long loyalty is also disdained. Western societies live under this dictum: to betray is good—indeed, what used to be a capital crime is now a minor transgression. Chelsea Manning—who betrayed information to Wikileaks—gets a slap on the wrist and turns into a transwoman, women being skilled in betrayal; Julian Assange—who never swore loyalty to America—gets the book thrown at him because he was loyal to his organisation, Wikileaks.

Tribal groups with high asabiyyah, such as the Taliban, defeat groups, such as the contemporary American empire, that celebrate the worst sin—betrayal. As Lady Gaga sang, sometime ago, “I’m still in love with Judas, baby. Ju-das, Jud-e-as…”. Gaga’s song claims that she might relent in her infatuation with Judas, yet the hour is very late…the tribes are at the door.

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