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442. Holding together (IV)

The left is not entropy, nor is it opposition to hierarchy. Look at North Korea: the country is hierarchical, with advancement for competence in the military—and its military is not entropic. The same was true in the USSR, the KGB and the Soviet military worked very well; and you can tell this is so because about the only product people wanted from post-Soviet Russia was military equipment—they produced real value there.

Leftism is irresponsibility, but nobody is completely irresponsible. A person who is completely irresponsible ends up dead very quickly—so we rarely meet completely irresponsible people. So leftists are people with a primitive or immature responsibility level—about the same level as women and children—and this is why the left is feminine. The left can just about manage responsibility for its immediate personal survival and gratification; it likes to talk about five-year plans because it is hedonistic and struggles to act consistently in the immediate term so as to build towards what a long-term plan would grant them—the plan exists to reduce anxiety; and this is why women and bureaucrats love highlighters and elaborate worksheets. If you consistently chip away day after day “the plan” is not so much a pole star as a rough guide that evolves as circumstances change; for the left, the plan is some lodestar that will solve all problems—a substitute for God or daddy, for their own internal governor.

The left’s relative irresponsibility is related to its neuroticism and narcissism; just like a small child or a woman, the left struggles to accept raw information about reality. Rather than engage with reality and allow themselves to be formed and reformed by the engagement (humbleness), the left throws up a narrative screen to conceal reality; it creates a rigid identity it has to defend, as narcissists do—violate the rigid mask and you will be met with violence, screams, or self-pity.

This situation reduces the left’s survival options to parasitism mediated by terrorism, since it cannot create value in the sophisticated ways that arise when one engages with reality—nor can it negotiate stably with other people to create value. Just as a woman depends on her man and a child on his parents, the left only knows how to alternate threats and sweet talk to generate material goods—the alternation, at the political level, is terrorism.

Hence leftist regimes are responsible about those institutions that preserve and sustain them: the military, the media, and the secret service. These organisations exist to facilitate leftist parasitism, to terrorise the kulaks; so a leftist regime is a marauder regime that creates entropy—it is purely militaristic, and the military only exists to create chaos (in your enemies). The difference is that the left causes chaos in its own society; it turns the state against society’s productive core and alternately gaslights them with propaganda and beats them with the secret police—Lenin was for red terror from the start. Marx said capitalist states are run by small parasitic elites who govern by violence and lies; in reality, he described what the future Communist states would look like. All leftist states propagandise about “peace” and yet all are absurdly militarised and militaristic—indeed, the only things that function in a leftist state are the military, the media propaganda service, and the secret service.

Peaceful Switzerland never propagandises for peace, since she is genuinely peaceful and generates value in sophisticated ways—such as a high-trust banking system—that do not require you to sweet talk or beat up someone to extract value from them; if the only way to attain value is violence or lies, people will reduce value production since it will only be taken from them by lies or violence—hence leftism makes everyone poorer. The left is parasitic: it only takes responsibility for its barebones moment-to-moment survival, hence its atheism—it is “just a clump cells” that needs to beat you over the head to get raw energy.


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