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A particular way in which American blacks have been genuinely disadvantaged lies in the way the slave trade was organised. Power relies on coordination, information, and cohesion—if you have these three factors in place, a small group of men can control a large group of people. It follows that aside from maximising your own coordination, information, and cohesion you should degrade the same factors in those you wish to control. Hence the African slaves, outnumbering the slave-drivers, were split from their family and tribal groups so that they had no shared blood, customs, or language. This is why American blacks are not really “Africans”; they are their own distinct group that does not directly relate to any African tribe or locality—and they were further alienated from their roots because their only permitted commonality was a European religion, Christianity.

Cults are characterised by the desire communalise property and sexual relations (destroy the family), they mimic the same process as the Atlantic slavers utilised as a necessary control measure. If you alienate people from their family, their language (cultic jargon), and their routines they are easy to control—in fact, they become cult slaves. It is impossible to rule by coercion alone; even the African slaves were largely—per Kanye West, “Slavery was a choice”—voluntarily kept prisoner. It is just that when you have shot out blood, language, and tradition you have basically removed a large part of a person’s capacity for autonomous decision-making.

The contemporary West, being ruled by a leftist regime, follows a process that aims at universal enslavement: families are destroyed through divorce, abortion, pornography, and perverted sexual practices—miscegenation is encouraged; the language is altered through prohibitions and jargon around “racism” and “transphobia”; and traditions, such as the representation of European historical figures in film as black, are destroyed. The left is a cult and like all cults it seeks to enslave the population—the techniques are the same as the slave-drivers, except universalised to the whole society.

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