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437. Coming to meet (IX)

The right is concerned with integrity and so when the right sees something go wrong in a country it assumes that the system’s integrity has been breached. One popular explanation for the West’s travails is that it has been cordycepted by another racial group, the Jews—since they seem to exercise a great influence over America, and America basically is the West politically instantiated. So, put bluntly, do the Jews secretly run the West against the West’s interests? Does this explain why Christianity is devalued everywhere and why white men are demonised, since Jews do not generally consider themselves to be white?

There are several reasons why we can tell this is not so. Firstly, the fact that an Israel lobby exists demonstrates that the Jews do not run America. Flip the scenario for a moment, there is no “monarchy lobby” in Britain to keep the monarchy—no endless multi-million dollar campaign to keep the Queen. The monarchy comes as default, whereas Israel does not come as default for America; if the Jews ran America, Israel would be default in the way the monarchy is default for Britain. Similarly, in the 1970s Israel came close to defeat in her wars with the Arabs; she was saved when Nixon approved a weapons transfer—yet the weapons transfer was not default, it nearly did not happen; if the Jews actually ran America then not only would the weapons transfer have happened automatically but American troops would have been sent, as would American nuclear weapons—Israel would be a literal extension to America, except she is not.

Jews exercise considerable soft power in Hollywood, on Wall Street, in the legal profession, in the media, and in the higher education system; being more ethnocentric than whites, some influence here depends on nepotism—they do call them “the tribe”, after all. Whites are more individualistic. Except, to quote Sherlock Holmes, “What about the dog that did not bark?”. In this case, the “dog” is the military; and the Jews are chronically underrepresented there, save a few recent woke appointments. As they say, a nation is composed of those people willing to die for it; in this regard, the Jews are not part of the American nation.

All real power originates from the ability to coordinate a group of men together to carry out violence. This is what the state is; it is the only activity it is good at, it really exists to protect us from the other tribes that want to kill us and carry off our women. All the nice voluntary non-coerced cooperation and negotiation we enjoy rests on this ultimate guarantor. The people who control the military control the state and the country, and these people are not the Jews. Indeed, if the Americans decided tomorrow—the Jews know this—they could use the military to seize Hollywood, Wall Street, and so on. Ergo, the Jews exist in America on sufferance; and they know it, hence their extensive lobbying efforts.

So why are the Jews so important to us? The answer is that our civic religion has carried out a transvaluation of values; it is a secularised Christian offshoot that signals its holiness through inversion of Christian values. What groups did Christianity abominate? Women (original sin), Jews (Christ killers), and homosexuals (sodomites)—ergo, in the transvaluation of values these groups become holy and high status.

Further, victimhood is holy. At the moment, there is a divide between conservative progressives who support Israel and vanguard progressives (including many Jewish converts) who disdain Israel. This has occurred because the conservatives still see the Jews as victims, victims of Hitler and the once more-powerful Arabs—so they venerate them. The leading edge, by contrast, has realised that the Jews have become relatively strong in Israel; now the Arabs are the victims—so the Palestinian victim-victimisers are high status. Hence the general drift in the West is anti-Jewish—the Jews are no longer sufficiently victimised for our civic religion to venerate them.


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