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430. The taming power of the small (X)

Before the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal, there was some speculation that Rittenhouse might be assassinated after the trial if a “not guilty” verdict was returned—and this speculation is bound to increase now he is free. I think this is unlikely, although, of course, anything is possible—all it would take is one person both mentally deranged and obsessed with the case. However, it is unlikely that the conscious left—whatever they write online—would assassinate Rittenhouse; and this is because assassination is inherently a right-wing form of political violence, whereas riots, for example, are inherently leftist.

Leftists dislike assassination because—as with Rittenhouse and his vigilantism—it demands personal responsibility: the assassin takes personal responsibility for his act, and he also believes that the person he kills is responsible for negative events and that his death will make a difference. To believe that assassination “works” or makes sense you have to think that individuals and individual responsibility are important; and the left is defined by its opposition to both.

By contrast, the left loves a riot because in a riot personal responsibility is diffuse and nobody can be held easily accountable for their actions; once a riot takes hold, normal social rules are suspended and even the most zealous authorities will never catch every single person who trashes a Starbucks. In other words, the riot is the left’s ideal environment: a free-for-all where nobody is held accountable for that they do—the assassination, by contrast, terrifies the left; it involves maximal responsibility and accountability for the gravest possible act, murder.

The left loves to talk about “the system”, the capitalist system or the white supremacist system. If the left drove a car and it had a flat tyre it would talk about why we should have taken another road, about the different types of rubber used on wheels, about theoretical wheel design, and possibly—as climate change activists do—about how the flat tyre proves that we should never have bought a car in the first place. There is a system, but the system is made up from individual components: the right maintains that the way to fix the system is to identify the malfunctional sub-system (i.e. find those people responsible for the problem, fix the flat tyre). Systems are only usefully understood in terms of their components; the left denies the real problems and concentrates on pseudo-holism—a conversation about hypotheticals—whereas genuine holism requires you to understand a sub-system, the whole usually being embodied in the particular. The right wishes to remove, through assassination or changing the tyre, malevolent or perverted sub-systems.

The only leftists to favour assassination were the anarchists—in the 19th-century they killed Tsars and ministers; yet anarchism, consistently applied, returns to the right: the sovereign individual voluntarily cooperates with other individuals to create an emergent order—and that is the right-wing position, organic emergent order. Hence the anarchist “A” is set in a circle—the circle stands for “Order”, true anarchy is true order. This is why 19th-century anarchism ultimately informed relatively rightist fascism in the 20th century, voluntary cooperation leads to emergent hierarchy and natural leaders rise to the top; people do not need to be compelled to follow “our man”, he who, unlike a bureaucrat, has a natural bond with our concerns and interests.

Lenin understood this very well; and this was why he strongly condemned anarchism and assassination; he was for collective terrorism and collective assassination—mass killings where, of course, responsibility was diffuse: the left stands for indiscriminate violence, inconsistently defined classes that could theoretically include everyone need to be liquidated; hence today, as purpose accords, East Asians are defined as “white” by the left. Further, the term “assassination” actually derives from a Sufi mystical school, so assassination itself contains spiritual connotations that are rebarbative to the left. This is why it is unlikely—though not impossible—that the left would assassinate Rittenhouse; however, if he encountered a leftist mob he would be at considerable risk.


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