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So, per the previous article, does MAGA constitute a cult? Do “Magatards” with their caps, their charismatic leader, and their dumb slogans constitute a collection of brainwashed zombies—“You’re in a cult!”. No—MAGA is not a cult. As noted, what makes a cult a cult can really be reduced to the way it encourages its adherents to break traditional social norms—particularly around property and sex (being the same thing really—women are naturally property, to collectivise them is the sexual revolution). If Trump started, for example, to hold mass weddings at his stadium events, with all the couples wearing red MAGA baseball caps, then he would have become a cult leader—mass weddings are not an American tradition; and if Trump started to marry his supporters en masse he would probably be on the road to other odd behaviour, perhaps asking them to offer their pick-up trucks to a communal motor pool or some such oddity.

So charisma, slogans, and mass events are not enough on their own to constitute a cult. There is nothing Trump does that is not within the bounds of American—and the wider Western—tradition. He is just a very good political campaigner; and the things he campaigns against—such as Federal support for trans issues—actually counter cult-like activities carried on by the American left, as instantiated in the wacky and unusual proposition that people can change sex at whim. So there is no MAGA cult; and Trump is only characterised as a “cult leader” because he is effective. All he asks is that existent laws—such as that the borders should be policed—are enforced.

Trump supporters like him for his personal charisma, not for his “teaching”. There is no novel Trump “teaching” to wind yourself in knots with: there is just a charismatic man who states common sense. A cult leader is charismatic but always has a peculiar teaching to tie you in knots with so you cannot voluntarily leave—Trump just is.


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