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425. Coming to meet (VIII)

The other day, a girl followed me on Twitter who boasted in her username that she was among the top 1% on OnlyFans, a site mostly used by girls to sell n00d photos to their male followers. I sent her a Direct Message and said it was an honour to be followed by someone among the top 1% of whores in the world. She bristled at this suggestion, not seriously—since girls like it if you call them whores, although they necessarily pretend shock. At another level she was annoyed, for she roughly said: “An abstinent whore and a daughter of a diplomat and who has an Ivy League degree in economics. Who’s you dad and where did you go to college?”

Remember that this girl is at least twenty-one and has been—as she herself notes—to a top university. Her decision to resort to the primary school retort, “My dad is bigger than your dad,” demonstrates staggering immaturity and arrogance. This is the face of a self-entitled and corrupt elite: “Don’t contradict me, peasant. Don’t you know who my father is? Don’t you know where I went to school?” “But Miss, your storied father and elite education notwithstanding, you do seem to make your living by getting your tits out for money on the Internet…”

The problem is not the whorish behaviour, whores have always been necessary—if socially marginal—people. The problem is that she was not a real whore, so much as a decadent elite; someone so spoilt and self-entitled and narcissistic that they want to act like a whore and not be called one and then, if someone complains, refer to their powerful daddy and Ivy League degree in their defence; and imply that everyone else is nothing. Truly they are empty inside; they have achieved nothing on their own, except what money they can garner for their knockers—yet to have big knockers is no achievement, certainly not one that builds character.

“Oh, there are always some people like that. I’m sure her classmates are fine.” Perhaps; perhaps this really was one girl gone wild, but frankly I bet her classmates are just like her except they keep their bras on and work for the State Department and the Federal Reserve. I am sure they have a laugh when people protest that thousands stream across the US border every day. “Who are you to complain? Don’t you know who my father is? Don’t you know where I got my degree?” It is people like this who decide to bomb countries on a whim and chart the fate of millions.

I think this girl was the thin end of the wedge. A typical product from America’s elite universities: narcissistic, self-entitled, and brattish—no class. She has no clue about the world, since the expectation is that “daddy” will bail her out or that a degree from a fine university will legitimatise everything she does. A university that produces a girl like that is not “elite”, no matter how old the campus or fantastic the research assessments. Similarly, her father might have been a great diplomat but he was a bad father to produce a brat like that; all diplomats are good liars, so perhaps it is no surprise. What the girl needed, as with the entire American elite, was a good spank and to be sent to bed without any supper.

A real elite has virtue; it has an ethos—real leaders never mention their background. Res ipsa loquitur, the thing speaks for itself: quality speaks for itself—it needs no justification. Worse, this girl was a Trump supporter; so just imagine what actual leftist elites who abominate all conservative values are like. The Americans are deeply lost and it goes to the top: remember that Biden’s own son is a drug addict deeply enmeshed in shady business deals on behalf of his dad. Such arrogance and hubris is always punished, one way or another—these people are unfit to rule.


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