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(42) Canus

Imagine if the 2020 George Floyd riots ended in the revolutionary overthrow of the US government. Today, in 2022, just two short years after the revolution, it is common knowledge that “the people” rose up and overthrew white supremacy: your niece came home from school today with a picture of a large orange blob with a splotch of yellow on top—on a larger blue splotch, his suit, there is a crooked swastika. “Who’s that?” you ask. “Silly. That’s the fascist dictator the people overthrew, Donald Trump. Don’t your children have civic instruction?” (Perhaps she will tell teacher, perhaps your name will go on a list).

After “the revolution”, it becomes common knowledge that “the people” rose up and overthrew the corrupt fascist blah-de-blah…The Russian Revolution, the French Revolution, the Floyd Revolution…all involved, proportionally, the same number of people. Post-facto, this was written up as “the people rose up” and created “the people’s government”—then again, what state (even an absolute monarchy) ever claimed any less than to govern in the interests of all its citizens? “In the name of the people…” “His Majesty exercises his prerogative to the benefit of all his subjects…”

“The revolution” is a myth—only an elite acts, Bolsheviks and Jacobins; and they always stab each other in the back. America is the exception because it was an uprising by the local gentry and because everyone in America has always been rich—although not since the frontier closed, now America can have a real revolution. They were also English and the English couldn’t take a revolution seriously; too pragmatic. They betrayed each other in the end, though—the Civil War. That was what exposed the revolutionary hypocrisy, just slower than in France or Russia: see, America was founded secession, on “liberty”—yet if you decide to leave, then the army is set a-marchin’ and your disloyalty shall be punished. The people never rise up, only a perverted elite—Jacobins, Sons of Liberty, Bolsheviks. “We the people…” We…the lie.


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