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412. Breakthrough (VIII)

Periodically, someone will note online that in the Middle Ages an English bishop owned a brothel; everyone has a brief titter about this fact and our desire for clickbait is satiated for a few hours. Moderns conceive themselves as very relaxed about sex—very progressive—and yet when it comes to a brothel suddenly they are reduced to girlish giggles and blushes. People who use Tinder and consume articles about “sex-positive feminism” are suddenly seized by prurience and disapproval over the holy man and his brothel. It is duly taken as evidence that in the bad old days people were hypocrites, whereas today everyone is much more straightforward and matter-of-fact about everything—more scientific. “Religious people are totally repressed about sex. Totally hung-up on it; yet they had brothels. WTF? Just total hypocrites or what!!?”.

Yet there was no contradiction in the bishop’s brothel. Prostitution is a safeguard for marriage, and so to allow legal prostitution does not contradict religion at all. Indeed, this was why the French Communists, when they had some influence in the French parliament after WWII, criminalised brothels; it was essential to do so to break down bourgeois marriage, itself a property relation.

Prostitution protects marriage in two ways: firstly, it provides an outlet for young men who cannot wait to lose their virginity but need to establish themselves in the world before they can think more clearly about a long-term mate and marriage; secondly, given that men demand more sexual variety than women, legal prostitution provides an outlet for men who cannot be faithful to gratify themselves sexually without an emotional attachment that could undermine their marriage. So society needs brothels, just as a society needs sewers. Men want to marry virgins; and this is not just about squeamishness, pride, or an antique concern about infection, though those are all factors—from a practical viewpoint women imprint, psychologically, with their various partners; if you acquire a woman after only a few partners (let alone the current situation) you acquire someone, in a sense, with multiple personalities imprinted on her.

As with all leftist causes the goal is equality; except reality is unequal—so we must have the bed of Procrustes: if all cannot be rich, the currency must be debased; if all cannot be sexually continent, then we must reverse the situation so all are incentivised to be sexually incontinent. Marriage is a property relation and a high-value woman is more virginal—literally not “damaged goods” (a still current phrase, albeit covertly). When prostitution is criminalised virginity is attacked; men will satisfy themselves where they can—further, all extant relationships are attacked because the only sexual outlet is an affair; and this can lead to emotional attachment and eventual divorce (“People should marry someone they love,” as the activist insists, even as in the next moment they condemn marriage as oppressive).

So prostitutes play an important regulative role in the sexual economy; they keep young women virginal and keep marriages intact—and so contribute to social stability. The prostitute was never respectable, but her compensation was independent wealth and action—at a price. The alternative, now fully implemented, makes all women prostitutes and negates marriage; broadly, the situation rewards the spiteful, the debased, and women in general since it allows them to constantly shop for a better man—yet it is, as with everything leftist and feminine, short-termism since it destroys a woman’s ability to find a stable mate and provider.

Despite this perfectly sensible and pragmatic solution to man’s sexual nature—perfectly endorsed by most religions—the contemporary, the contemporary leftist, titters at prostitution as naughty while they themselves advocate and support the zero-restraint option. Feminism means to socialise women; and if they are not to be graded for quality, as property, then all women must be the same—if we can only bring people down, not raise them up, it follows that all women must become prostitutes; and this is, in fact, what we have achieved in the West.


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