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409. Grace (X)

Should we consider women the worst sex, or should we put all the blame on men? For about twenty centuries or so the answer was easy: woman, frailty is her name. Eve plucked the apple, Eve initiated the Fall; we toil and die and suffer because it was Eve wot done it. The worst crime, disobedience and hubris: prideful belief that we would know better than God. Thanks a lot, sweetheart. My pleasure, sweety. Yet we have done away with all this nonsense; we are not Christians anymore—we are post-Christians; and even supposed Mormon fanatics, such as Mitt Romney, are depicted on their knees before “the boss”, their wife, with chocolates and strange unguents to soothe her furrowed brow. It was all wrong, twenty centuries of libel—we have much to make up for, we shall believe all women.

If you work from first principles it is easy to arrive at this view; everywhere we see violence, aggression, and torture. Who carries out all these acts—who drops the napalm, who invents the napalm? Men. Absolute brutes, total beasts. They pull fingernails out and drop the atom bomb and burn cats to death; even when it comes to murder a woman is usually involved because a man put her up to it. An open and shut case; we see pain, misery, and cruelty—we see men. Guilty. The most diabolical sex.

We really should listen to women; time to learn from their peaceful wisdom—if a woman was in the White House, in the State Department, peace would reign; international problems would be resolved in a post-ironic “stitch ‘n’ bitch”. “I’m soooo sorry,” the world leaders embrace—it is over, in Israel and Palestine and Northern Ireland. Miracles happen when girls get together. Pow!

At the superficial level it is true, almost everything that bad happens in the world is done by men. Yet woman is the master of the lie; and it is the lie that is the true enemy. Women cannot help but dissimulate—every woman gets by on her looks, to one extent or another—because she was bred to it; she is a helpless creature selected, by men, to breed babies—her reactions to reality are neurotic and emotional, coping mechanisms and lies to make reality go away. She was bred to manipulate, to persuade, to work her way around—to be like water. Women seep into things, insidiously—seep in and undermine from within.

The lie will kill you in the end—if it does not kill you, then it will disable you; and as it does both it will make life dead. This is why women are the worst sex, despite their softness and inability to take scalps—femininity is synonymous with lies and illusions. Men might be harsh, but then reality is hard; if you want to make it worse then increase the delusions, increase the lies. What is bad in man is what is feminine in man; his tendency to avoid reality and cover up the uncomfortable—to attempt to negotiate his way around the unmovable, even if this very act will kill him in the end.

So women are the diabolical sex; Satan is the father of lies, after all—and the lie is a feminine art; seductive and persuasive, just like politicians and journalists and lawyers. Women pretend there is more to them than there really is; but there is only a hole, and even their individuality is a chimera—there is only one woman, the eternal woman; she wears many masks, often borrowed from the other men she has devoured, and yet she is always the same. The raw cruelty in man is made all the worse when he concedes to femininity, when he refuses to engage with reality. So two cheers for Christianity; it is not knowledge of good and evil that plagues us, so much as the blindfold women place over our eyes—as you know, only a woman can be enchanting.


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