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404. Fellowship with men (VII)

You have probably encountered at one time or another Alex Jones and his youthful British protégé Paul Joseph Watson. The two men are alternately considered risible or terrifying by consensus progressive opinion. The line taken by Watson and Jones runs something like this: elite groups—specific families, such as the Rockefellers, the British Royal Family, and bankers in general—secretly control the world and do so with collusion from the CIA, MI6, and so on; their goal is to achieve a world government and eventually—through communion with demonic forces—technological ascension to another dimension. This cabal may possibly be reptilian inter-dimensional creatures that feast on human blood; and, further, they were behind the Nazis—and, therefore, their plans for us involve eugenics and forced depopulation, along with various weird science projects that range from peculiar vaccines to experiments on frogs. To achieve this they will destroy democracy.

The view represents an attempt by people who are literally uneducated and not capable of a high level of abstraction to explain the world they live in; and I mean education in its true sense here, not in the sense that the “educated” are indoctrinated into progressive opinion. Watson, for example, dropped out from school very early and has basically always worked for the Jones project. Jones and Watson are people who derived their value system from the telly; the telly, being controlled by our hegemonic progressive value system, tells you that “Nazism”, eugenics, and elitism represent absolute moral evil—and democracy an absolute good. Watson and Jones lack the higher-order thought that would allow them to see how this value system came about.

Jones and Watson are both aware at a common sense level that the system they live under is anti-white, anti-masculinity, and anti-nature—anti-them. However, the only moral system they know by which to object to this situation is the one they got off the telly. Bad things are happening, malevolent ideas are directed at men like them and their families—who could be behind it? The Nazis, of course—and the aristocrats, and the elitists, and the rich! Everyone knows those are evil people; the telly said so—it was in all my cartoons when I grew up (they cannot abstract to this level and so do not know this about themselves; they cannot interrogate their own values or how their values came about).

Really, Jones and Watson represent a very extreme and uneducated version of “Democrats are the real racists.” Their view that the world is run by elite families—this is often regarded as a conspiratorial view—represents how literal people with little ability to abstract understand the world; obviously, there is a metaphorical truth to what they say—and since there is some relation to reality to it they are often uncannily right; and yet their view is too literal and pat. It is a worldview where a “Rothschild agenda” or similar unfolds on schedule and with perfect concord between the powerful.

Jones and Watson obsess over eugenics and depopulation because, at heart, they agree with both; they want to go back to nature and let everything sort itself out—they would also like to live in an aristocratic and authoritarian society. However, they are so contorted by the first-layer programming they have received that they project these desires onto their enemies; in actuality, Western governments really are democratic, anti-eugenics, and pursue dysgenic policies—we are nowhere near a clandestine project to create the superman and depopulate the Earth.

So Jones and Watson represent what happens when ordinary men want to object to a corrupt system but lack the abstraction level to understand what has happened and so have to use the concepts provided by their enemies; they end up engaged in massive psychological projection. What they really want to say is something like: we need to depopulate the planet, improve our genetic stock, contact supernatural entities, and be governed by a highly competent quasi-aristocratic elite that conforms to natural values.


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