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389. Peace (V)

There is no way to ignore The Matrix (1999). From the very first this film inspired pop philosophy books—Philosophy and The Matrix, Philosophy and The Simpsons…on and on—and by the mid-2000s the red/blue pill dichotomy had become a standard formulation on PUA forums to describe those who knew the “awful truth” as regards women and those who did not. At the same time, the red/blue pill was adopted, through Unqualified Reservations, as a way to describe those who had seen through the West’s overt leftist control circuit and attained the forbidden truth—later Yarvin would introduce a third “clear” pill to create a trichotomy. By 2016, “the pills” had become suspect; and by 2019 I trailed past a poster in the English West Midlands for a play entitled The Red Pill—an agit-prop story about online radicalisation.

In The Matrix humans are farmed by machines for energy; we poisoned the skies to defeat a solar-powered machine revolt and, in turn, the machines decided to use us as batteries. Subsequently, almost all mankind is plugged into a simulation of the late 20th century; but really they are born and die in vats, artificially conceived and utterly isolated. How long has this gone on? Nobody really knows.

During an exposition, the hero, Neo (the neophyte; a person about to be initiated), finds himself confronted—via human-controlled artificial reality—with the real view outside the caverns where mankind is grown, tended, and milked: a brown wasteland with ruined skyscrapers, black as rotten teeth. “Welcome to the desert of the real,” says Morpheus (an Orphic figure, as in the primordial alchemic Orphic Egg). In political terms: the control system tells you that every year we progress more and more, but aside from perpetual nature and a few technological advances we really live in a shattered wasteland—among the ruins. This is the “red-pill moment”—you dreamed you were in Heaven, but you have awoken in Hell.

The Wachowskis created The Matrix; and, being transsexual, have endorsed a leftist reading for the film. You are an oppressed subject—a battery—under white patriarchal techno-capital’s thumb. To leave the Matrix might be, as they did, to become trans—a position, as with all leftist ideas, that contradictorily relies on advanced technology and capital to work (surgery) while it denies the intellectual basis that allows advanced actions (melt all gender categories; yet if we started out that way, we would have never achieved the surgical skills required to do a sex-change op). To turn The Matrix the right way up: it is the so-called “natural world”, as narratively conceived by man’s lies, outside techno-capital that is an exploitative prison.

It is the welfare state that produces obese welfare recipients who are milked by bureaucrats.

The final vision for this mindset: an obese multiracial gender-neutral single mom—hypnotised by banal Netflix-Disney movies, yet in constant physical pain (treated by various opiates) and mental fogginess. Our regime would love to see millions upon millions of such people, hence why mass migration appeals to them; we must bring millions to the West and plug them into our “experience machine”.

The alternative approach—a consistent approach, since it relies on technology without simultaneously repudiating technology—would seek to cull, in a selective and non-coercive way, the population so that a few could move to a higher state of awareness. The “back to nature” Gnosticism found in the Wachowskis is a false Gnosticism; it confuses knowledge as metaphysical wisdom (Sophia) for literal women, and tries to become a woman—the real alchemical hermaphrodite is not a literal woman. It uses technology to facilitate this situation, and yet claims to repudiate technology—the fear of the machine in The Matrix. This contrived ignorance is the real prison. The real Matrix is not cis-het white supremacy, it is the left; they treat people as disposable batteries, as matter. Genuine Gnosticism, by contrast, sets man on a path to higher consciousness and evolution in a consistent and logical way.


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