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362. Waiting (V)

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

I often note that the right can be divided into “cold” and “warm” schools; broadly, the cold faction takes a purely scientific view—except, unlike the left, it takes science to its logical conclusion; and that is to say it does science properly. If this is done a person tends to reach inegalitarian conclusions as regards immutable facts around genetics, IQ, race, and sex; further, science is also inhuman: astronomy completely decentres man and studies the last light from now extinguished stars. It puts man in perspective and from that perspective he is not important; and not even, as with star embers, poetically pure and beautiful either; rather, he is clotted with lies—man is ambulatory decay. The left, by contrast, holds that everything becomes better automatically and that science and technology always support egalitarian outcomes and improvements in man’s affairs.

The “warm school” retains a belief in old religions; and these people are basically what are called religious fundamentalists—although “fundamentalism” amounts to practicing religions as they have always been practiced; people classified as non-fundamentalists almost always turn out to be liberals or leftists in the skin suit of a murdered religion. The warm school equally decentres man and is sceptical about his probity, but they say this is because there is a literal metaphysical entity or entities called God or the gods. They tend to look upwards whereas the cold school looks downwards, often identifying themselves—as Jung with his scientific take on religion did—with Lucifer or “dark forces”, such as the Cthulhu mythos. People who sincerely think there is a God or higher power tend to be less brutal and more milky, if no less absolute in their scepticism as regards man.

There is a certain tension between the two schools, for although they have a common enemy—the left who says man is naturally good and equality is achievable—they see each other as enemies too, for the religious person the cold Nietzschean is Satanic; and for the Nietzschean the warm rightist is foolish and deluded—he leads to the left in the end.

The reconciliation can be found in the place “666” finds in cosmic analogies. This is the number of the Beast, but it is also the number of man: it is the number of royal rule and dominance on earth. For 666 to appear at the end represents the dissolutive principle found in Nietzsche; for the world to end we must usher in man’s reign. Nietzsche says we must push what is falling; for the religious, if we live in a dark age, a Kali-Yuga, there needs to be an agent to end it; and that agent is not the left, since they wish to extend it. The agent of destruction—chaos directed at an enemy—can be found in the Nietzschean and cold approach.

The three sixes represent the forces that dissolve and make way for the new era; say, for example, technological perfection that pushes aside the entropic and bureaucratic states that have grown up around us. After this time, after the dross has been tidied away, the new spiritual age or Golden Age can begin. The people who wait for the new Golden Age—actually very few in number, being genuinely spiritual people closeted in monasteries and the like—will not want to have much to do with the “pushers”; for them it can all seem to be dissolution, just another atheistic or materialist moment.

In the same way, the Nietzschean or cold rightist might see such spiritual people as against truth as scientifically understood or, in fact, the genesis of the left insofar as the left is itself quasi-religious and has obviously grown from various religious traditions—notably Christianity. As previously stated, the real enemy remains the “lukewarm” people—those who are neither hot nor cold—who stand in the middle, neither being really spiritual or really nihilistic. This situation is wider than politics: the Dark Age is characterised by mushiness in all directions.


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