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(333) Bashar

This post concludes phase two in this operation—which is, of course, not so much a website and/or blog (as you please) but rather a magical operation (an alchemical work, the Great Work). Two more phases remain—much longer, of course, so we have several years to go yet; and just think how far we’ve come already! Why, when we started this little project we didn’t think the gods were real or that magic works—and certainly not that fairies, elves, and goblins are real—but here we are. You can’t say that there hasn’t been growth and development here; now, of course, nobody thinks it’s real—or even believes it (but I don’t ask you to believe, that’s not my game).

Just think, if we’ve discovered all that, can you imagine what we’ll have found out by the time this site is finished? Why—it could be the apocalypse by then! (or perhaps not). The general situation is that things are both worse than expected and better than expected—viz, civilisation is in collapse (rape, murder, and betrayal—death of innocence etc); and then, on the other hand, the gods are real and so is the afterlife (when you’re dead, it’s pleasant because you know you’ll never die—but it’s not like the Christians say, not perfect, because the dead still get cold and miss the wind on their cheeks and the warmth of their lover’s hand).

I’m a time-traveller, by the way—I’ve been here before, done this before. I just realised tonight—it came in a message from a book I gave to my first love (signed by the author). It’s the eternal return, you see—that’s not a thought experiment, that’s real. And I’m a prophet too—I know because I watched a French film from the 2000s by that name and the lead character sees a hart before the car he is in crashes, then they call him a prophet (“That makes no sense!” Trust me—it will).


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09 jul 2023

"The Pythagoreans too used to say that numerically the same things recur. It is worth setting down a passage from the third book of Eudemus' Physics in which he paraphrases their views:

‘One might wonder-whether or not the same time recurs as some say it does. Now we call things 'the same' in different ways: things the same in kind plainly recur - e.g. summer and winter and the other seasons and periods; again, motions recur the same in kind - for the sun completes the solstices and the equinoxes and the other movements. But if we are to believe the Pythagoreans and hold that things the same in number recur - that you will be sitting here and I…

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