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(331) Zampullín picogrueso

Nature: if you want to regenerate your country—your nation—you should go into nature alone; and, eventually, with other people. Man is the most plastic aspect to nature—so he can distort himself from nature to an acute, yet never total, degree. It’s a tell for the left—as represented by Robert Anton Wilson and Grant Morrison—that they’ll say things like “everything is nature, I took DMT and I realised that everything is nature—nuclear power stations are nature, so, if there’s a climate crisis, fuck it, let’s build nuclear power stations; we can do anything.” Yes, man is nature knowing itself—we are the only species in which this is so; but just because we are part of nature it doesn’t follow that everything we do is “natural”; as stated, we’re the most plastic element to nature—as such we are the only element in nature that can de-nature nature.

Hence when I say “go into nature” I don’t mean “go to a nuclear power plant”—as you probably already guessed. By nature, I mean what you imagined I meant at first—fields, hills, streams, and woods; i.e. that which has not been subject to modification by man. If you think that’s just pagan, you’re incorrect (Jesus was a carpenter who went into the wilderness—the Pharisees were unnatural book-learners; Jesus came to bring the Jews back to nature; they refused, for the most part, and have become ever more unnatural ever since).

So why doesn’t nature improve hippies and New Age travellers? Because they’re not sincere about it. They want to drop out of techno-industrial society but also have a welfare check to pay for them to do it; that’s why they never really engage in nature or respect it—because they’re living off what is unnatural (in a covert way), to exploit the welfare system is to unnaturally exploit what is unnatural (just being muddy or living in primitive conditions is not to be in contact with nature).


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