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(330) Cerceta aliazul

United States: this is to state the obvious—the United States, as a political entity formed from 1776 onwards, cannot be considered to be anything other than a leftist system, no less than the French Republic or the USSR. It’s obvious if you think about the hackneyed point that “left” and “right” formed in relation to where groups sat after the French Revolution (though the words refer to phenomena that existed long before)—in that seating arrangement, the right were the ones who wanted a return to the ancien regime. The American Revolution was based on the same principles as the French Revolution—revolutionaries from the two sides admired each other; so to support the American Revolution, Constitution, and Republic constitutes a leftist position.

Europeans have a history in America that goes back to 1492 in the formal sense and back to the Vikings in an informal one—so America, with or without the Constitution and the Lenin-like cult around Washington et al, will continue whatever happens. It’s just the system that has to go—and must go in the end. The French system is as annoying, in its own way—it isn’t “woke” but it has its own egalitarian quirks; if the French were as powerful as the Americans, people would notice it a lot more and “French wokeness” would be exported around the world—since France is a minor power, it’s barely noticed.

In the 1980s, the Muslims prophesied that first the USSR and then the USA would fall—being the two atheist superpowers. That time is at hand—the collapse is at hand, it’s so very close. There’s one positive point about 1776 America—its flag has stars on it; and, yesterday, I referred to a black flag studded with stars. Today, synchronistically, I encountered this star-studded Pepe; and he is the future for America, for he will expand to cover the entire flag—so that the American flag is just a single field of stars, and 1776 is wiped.


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