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(329) Serreta capuchona

I think I must found a religion—I think I will die at 44. It seems a bit presumptuous—I wouldn’t say it would be a world-saviour religion, not like the big names (Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad), but perhaps it might be a religion in a minor note; and perhaps not a large religion but influential in its own way. After all, it is a misconception that the largest religions are the most influential. In a democracy, that is always the assumption—that religion must be large and for everyone, yet though religions today are very broad they are also rather shallow (there isn’t much depth to the average “believer”, if they believe at all).

It wouldn’t be a religion for the pure—because I’m not a pure person; but it wouldn’t be a religion for the corrupt, either. It would be a religion for realistic people—because total realism is total quality; and the divine is either quality itself or the source for all quality. So it’s about beauty. It’s not a religion that needs to proselytise, it’s not a religion that needs to knock down churches or temples—though it might knock down a few mosques (I didn’t say this religion offers complete tolerance—sometimes it’s realistic not to be tolerant).

I mean—it’s a religion that likes stone circles and stars; and it likes the Acropolis and the Pantheon too. Its flag is black because the night is black—and the stars stud the black flag. So it’s a religion made up from diamonds—and blood. Yes—it understands that blood is important, blue Hyperborean blood in the Holy Grail. It’s because they’re coming back—the gods, I mean. The Satanists call them UFOs and have their analysts puzzle over them, but it’s just they’re back. It’s an Aquarian Age, where the waters dissolve everything—and there’s nothing better than quicksilver, nothing better than water. You can’t destroy water—it always finds its level; it always wears you down, to reveal…Hyperborea.


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John Smith
John Smith
Jul 05, 2023

Your "Wicked God" post should be the ur-text.

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