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(315) Críalo

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Organism: I think that the Godhead splits itself to know itself, plays hide-and-seek with itself through history—it recuses itself, makes itself into a null, and then chases that nullity down through history to rejoin itself; hence the Godhead is all but invisible, it creates through absence (restraint begets power—that which would be maximally powerful would be maximally constrained, hence, like the mustard seed, almost invisible); and so the Godhead also manifests in silence—silence being nullity, being total coherence and, therefore, total beauty; its absence is a presence, to channel both Zen Buddhism and Meister Eckhart.

It struck me the other day how far quality and silence are connected—I shaved off my beard and residual hair from Hartsfell and I noticed that the razor is higher in quality than the electric razor and its effectiveness, its quality, is tied up to its silence; similarly, it also struck me that the most elite military units, the special forces, pride themselves on their silence—hence, in every dimension, to become more silent is to become like the Godhead (like the nullity to which matter rushes to reconnect with, so that the eventual completed circuit, like a poetic round or the voyage of Odysseus, hums).

Kant said that an organism is that which must itself produce the parts of which it is to consist—hence, for an organism, the end is also the beginning, just like the ouroboros above. The cosmos—the Godhead—constitutes an organism, its end is also its beginning; and that’s why ideas about creation (creationism) like Paley’s “watchmaker” argument don’t work—a watch is not an organism, but the Godhead is an organism; its “creation” is a process by which it comes to know itself—it’s dynamic; and its end is also its beginning (because when it comes full round to know itself, it splits again to know itself in another dimension—so that creation is an endless fountain, or an endless play; and that is the eternal return).


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Jun 22, 2023

Mr. 738, will reality ever have an end? Or will it keep returning to the source forever?

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