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313. Pushing upward (VIII)

“The holocaust is a myth,” snapped the man who walked by my side as we passed down a dark London street. “All myths are true,” I replied. The man who spoke was a Jew himself, from a notable Jewish family—a family involved, stereotypically, in the finance sector. Strange to hear those words from his lips, for by myth he really meant “did not happen”; and so what he asserted was quite contrary to his own interests, suicidal—or simply masochistic.

He was a trust funder. Now I have to be careful here, lest my envy gets the better of me; if people have wealth and want to pass it on then I cannot object—yes, I too would love to receive a steady money pump and to dabble in the arts; to dabble here and dabble there—then fly to the south of France when it all gets too much. Bored and made irresponsible by their wealth they dabble in the lives of the little people. They drink or drug themselves to death—the best ski and sail and bother nobody. The worst dabble; they dabble in politics or the arts, and they inflict damage on people for whom they have no responsibility. They are never serious, never real; and this is the curse that comes with inherited wealth. They never heard “no”; they never had to bow day after day in a mundane job.

It is these people who stand behind the woke and the progressives and even the white nationalists and residual communists. They keep it quiet, but inject a little cash here or there, throw a soirée for journalists and academics—push society towards transsexualism or whatever seems a fine divertissement this week.

He claimed to be for the right; he admired figures from Nazism, men like Serrano—dressed as them, cited them; and then feigned shock when people called him a Nazi. He knew better; it was a narcissistic game. He feigned outrage, then solicited thousands of pounds for a law suit to sue another Jew in the arts who called him “a Nazi”—the money came mostly from gullible gentile conservatives—while all the time in private he claimed that the holocaust never happened. His political plans revolved around salons, secret societies, and sex clubs—conservative indeed, even if they talked about race and IQ. No, we have far too many salons and covert discussion societies and threesomes that we secretly record for blackmail purposes—it is this mode of action that ails us, it cannot save us; not when everyone has each other’s saliva in their mouths.

Here is what a Jew who is really on the right does: he picks himself up, makes aliyah, studies the Torah, moves to a settlement, produces seven children, and takes potshots at Palestinian kids. He does not promote men who advocated the eradication of his own race or con people out of money he does not need. Indeed, the man managed to act like some anti-semitic caricature: dishonest, two-faced, manipulative, masochistic, and money-grubbing.

I once said to him, as regards his rival: “Is this a Jewish civil war?” He bristled at that. Really, the guy he sought to sue was successful in the arts and hung out with Hollywood stars; so it was all envy, as usual—envy in the guise of a defence of free speech. He even excoriated his rival for…his trust fund. It was projection; he was willing to stoke envy against another trust funder—incite third parties against them; and this is how, at a larger scale, movements like BLM come about.

If you spend some time among the Jews you will realise that it is a small world, and among the rich Jews smaller—probably their families knew each other and fell out. But this is not just about the Jews, for there are more than enough trust funders from all races on the loose playing merry hell with the world due to vanity, envy, and boredom.


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