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Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Euphemism treadmill: it has been pointed out that there is a “euphemism treadmill” on the left—so that the word for black Africans in America cycled through “negro”, “black”, “African-American” (and, arguably, “POC”—though that is a wider designation); each iteration was considered to be “deeply venerable and respectful”, as an Oriental—sorry, Asian-American—might have put it (in the time of Fu-Manchu) and each has subsequently become derogatory, so that an exquisite liberal who said “negro” in 1953 and felt proud would have been castigated in 1968 for not saying “black”. It’s because the liberal left constitutes decadent politeness; hence, just as we have euphemisms for excretion and sex, we have euphemisms for other racial groups (not to forget “gay”—or even the reverse euphemism “queer”, specifically “reclaimed”).

If thought about in this way it gives the liberal left’s concern for minorities a peculiar twist—for they in fact euphemise them as they extol them. The fear is along the lines that someone should say “piss”, “shit”, and “fuck”—to which we could add “nigger”; and yet it is in no doubt that what is described is what it is—obviously, it’s connected to the feminine concern for propriety; it’s not that we disagree about what “it” is, it’s just we’d rather not have “it” described to us in such vulgar terms, thank you so very much (young man—and I hope you washed your hands after using the bathroom, because we’re having dinner soon [muted chorus, “Yes, mom!”]).

Yet the right has its own euphemism treadmill—from “politically correct” (1978-2010) to “woke” (2010-present). Well, what is the “thing” that this euphemism conceals? Jews. The “culture war” in America, per endless media products I’ve seen all my life that tell me “evangelical Christians” are evil, is a euphemism for a Jewish assault on European Christian culture in America. “Political correctness” and “wokeness” are just euphemisms used to refer to Jewish political ideas because it’s too inflammatory to say what’s actually going on.


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