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(312) Porrón pardo

Race and politics: I think the state’s purpose is to defend the race—as such there is no need for any specific policy; rather, the only policy should be realism—that being defined as decisions that increase the race’s capacity to take effective action. Hence I disagree with people, whether socialists or free marketeers, who come to reality with a blanket prescription and attempt to impose policy—life is too complicated for that. Doubtless free-market measures are almost always preferable and will bring greater prosperity than socialism—yet I wouldn’t rule out state intervention.

Hoppe, the ultimate free-marketeer: a man who lives and works in Las Vegas—and yet Vegas is an ugly city, completely against nature (it runs on vice—prostitution and casinos; and its water supply is unnatural). Vegas is not beautiful—yet Vegas is what Hoppe’s abstract ideas about the free market terminate in; and that must be so because he chooses to live there, chooses to work in a university that studies statistics and gambling. Yet common sense tells you that nobody wants to live in Vegas—except people without class and quality. That is an outcome from an imposed theory, just as much as the Marxism and Keynesianism that Hoppe abhors. The best thing about Vegas is the desert—it is wisdom.

Thatcherism was wrong. The mines should have been closed, but the miners should have been offered positions in engineering regiments in the army—to cushion the impact and retain their skills (to expand the army is never a waste); they could have been used to dig the Channel Tunnel more quickly as a military necessity to ensure fast troop transfer to Germany in the Cold War. Ideally, they could have been sent to colonise new lands. Thatcherism was driven by a belief, the other Jewish counterpart to Marxism “libertarianism”, not reality. You have to govern holistically, in the round—with the aim being to preserve the race (not “the market” or “the working class”—abstract delusions).


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