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(313) Porrón moñudo

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Immigration: the structural reason for immigration is luxury—decadence that leads to perverse decisions; however, the subjective force that drives immigration and its concomitant anti-white rhetoric is Jewish influence. Hence Japan is a country in the Western sphere that has seen feminism applied to it in the post-war era but not immigration—the only difference between Japan and other countries in the Western sphere is that it has no Jewish population (feminism is an Anglo invention taken up by Jewish intellectuals—you can tell this is so because it appears in a recognisable form in novels like The Bostonians; i.e. before mass Jewish immigration to America). Symmetrically, Israel is the only other country in the Western sphere excepted from immigration.

It’s often said that the pervasive anti-white propaganda is “self-hatred” or “guilt” or is, per Yarvin, connected to Puritanism; however, unlike feminism, this white “self-hatred” does not exist, as feminism does, before WWII. It appears when the Jews consolidated their influence in America post-WWII. It exists as revenge for the holocaust—and immigration is highest in those countries (Britain, America, and France) where the Jews exercise the greatest influence. When the British say “the Germans won the war really”, they actually mean “the Jews won the war really” (everything is spoken in code). The Jews do not proceed with direct massacre, like the Germans, because they’re a non-martial race without such a history—they proceed through slow sabotage, just as they once opened the gates of Jerusalem.

Immigration is revenge for the holocaust and an attempt to neutralise the Nordic countries—Christianity, along the way, has also been de facto criminalised, because the Jews hate Christ. The Jews control the education and media sectors, yet they do not control the armed forces (hence I say they have influence, not power)—unfortunately, people who join the military are naïve patriots who join “to obey”; yet they no longer take orders from a Western elite—they take orders from people who plot their racial destruction.


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