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(310) Halcón

From tomorrow, I will not post again until I have completed my 40-day retreat to Hartsfell—so 41 days without a post, in total (though I will tweet tomorrow before I go totally silent). What will I find there? Perhaps nothing—of course, nothing at all might happen. Yet I suspect the gods have bidden me there for a purpose—there may even be some temptation or struggle with evil, as is traditional (perhaps I will be offered women, power, and money—perhaps I will accept). We will see what we will see.

It could have political implications—it might have no relation to politics, really. Doesn’t have to. The gods keep their counsel, the hidden masters keep their counsel—given that they are held in little esteem and receive few offerings today, I can well understand that the gods are not inclined to intervene in our various travails. You have to meet them at least half-way, and we’re not even 1/5 of the way towards them at the moment. Will I receive further information as regards the Grail? It’s possible—again, we’ll have to see how far I am allowed to go into the labyrinth (and how far I can stand to take it—for all I know I may flee the mountains in panic on the second night. I can’t guarantee absolute bravery).

The practical provisions have been made—I have fortified myself against ticks (repulsive creatures that carry diseases that weaken the blood). So I will be free to work, if the gods permit—I may construct a small stone circle but otherwise will undertake no magical rites (I flicked away for a moment to Twitter and someone had posted an inverted CND symbol, the life rune “Algiz”; a good sign, I think—indeed, the CND symbol consciously inverted that symbol so as to stand for “death”, death in nuclear war). My first stop will be The Famous Star hotel in Moffat—again, the name seems propitious (selected by synchronicity).


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31 mai 2023



31 mai 2023

Is there any esoteric significance to the date chosen as the start of this endeavour?

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