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(306) Codorniz

Revealed preference: I once met a man who had a career in the arts, worked at an arts college; he had decided he was on the right—the radical right. Now, he had spent his entire life in the state sector, so far as I know—so that raises a question as to whether he was on the right. He claimed to hate progressive values—LGBT etc—except his bread was buttered in that environment. If he really hated that stuff—for all the times he said “nigger” and made jokes about the blacks—he would have left, just quit. He never did. So he was on the left.

In fact, his desire to make “transgressive” jokes against the blacks and the trans just reflected what a progressive is. By day, he affirmed progressive values and worked to advance them—by night he mocked the “niggers” and the “troons”. Now, I sometimes say “nigger” but that’s to break the spell the word has. I think black people are different to white people but I don’t particularly want to degrade them—but this guy did. Because he was a progressive—this is what progressives are really. By day, a liberal educator at an arts college—by night, ridiculing the people he purported to defend. The accusations of “racism” they throw about are projections of their own rancid racial hatred.

Look, if you don’t like black people and trans people just have nothing to do with them—don’t get involved in causes that purport to advance their interests (but actually don’t). It’s the same with all these academics who have “epiphanies” and reject the left—it’s not real, it’s just another narcissistic manoeuvre. It’s like Jordan Peterson, he broke one progressive shibboleth and had a breakdown—he’s not on the right, he’s for “the human race”. The leopard doesn’t change its spots. I was a Communist when I was teenager, until I was twenty—and I worked most of my life in the private sector.


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